NdW - Neuerscheinungen der Woche

NdW 49|16: G&M, SMWS, Glen Grant, Signatory, Bruichladdich Black Art, As We Get It

Mit ein wenig Verzögerung kommt hier jetzt auch die Zusammenfassung der Kalenderwoche 49. Weihnachten steht vor der Tür und u.a. nutzt das auch Gordon & MacPhail und bringt eine exklusive Speyside Collection mit sechs exquisiten Abfüllungen auf den Markt. Auch die SMWS legt eine Sonderschicht ein, um noch Mal einen ganzen Schwung neuer Abfüllungen anzubieten. Glen Grant stellte den 12-jährigen bereits auf der InterWhisky vor und Signatory bringt einen „Very cloudy!“. Bruichladdich ist mit einem neuen Black Art 5.1 dabei. Und Ian MacLeod schickt ein neues Batch des As We Get It Islay ins Rennen um den besten Platz unterm Weihnachtsbaum.

  • Gordon & MacPhail, 1st release Speyside Collection, 6 Abfüllungen, 75x zu 10.500.- GBP
  • SMWS, Outturn Mid-December, „Torfige & süsse Weihnachtsfreuden„, 9 Abfüllungen, CS
  • Glen Grant, 12yo, 43%, ca. 33.- EUR
  • Signatory, Ardmore, 2008, Very Cloudy!, 8yo, 40%, 1.075 Flaschen, UVP 37.90 EUR
  • Bruichladdich, Black Art 5.1, 1992, 24yo, 12.000 Flaschen, 48.4%, ncf, nca
  • Ian MacLeod, As We Get It! Islay, 61.7%, ncf, nca, CS, ca. 51.- EUR

ncf = no chill-filtration (keine Kältefiltration), nca = no color added (ohne Zusatz von Zuckerkulör), CS = Cask Strength (Fassstärke)

Tasting Notes und weitere Infos

Gordon & MacPhail (G&M)

The Speyside Collection is available to purchase from specialist whisky retailers at an RRP of £10,500 in the UK. Prices in overseas markets may differ due to local taxes and import duties.  A limited edition of 75 Speyside Collections will be available for sale in this first release.

  • Gordon & MacPhail Smith’s Glenlivet 1948, 43%
    This medium-bodied ancient single malt has been distinctly influenced by sixty-two years maturing in a first fill Sherry butt. Dark amber in colour, this well rounded after dinner dram imparts a soft, fruity nose filled with banana, strawberry, and apple harmonised with the sweetness of toffee and subtle oak undertones. Pepper warms the palate with the initial mouthful; charred wood influences are smoothed by a long, fresh and minty finish.
  • Gordon & MacPhail Glen Grant 1949, 40%
    This medium bodied, greatly aged single malt has a fresh floral bouquet with delicate Sherry and vanilla notes culminating in a lingering marzipan edge. The initial white pepper heat is curbed by ground coffee, toasted almond, and the tang of grapefruit. An underlying cigar ash adds depth to the long and smoky finish.
  • Gordon & MacPhail Strathisla 1953, 43%
    A sweet and robust after dinner dram, this well-matured whisky presents potent Sherry soaked fruitcake aromas with delicate and lingering hints of charred oak and old leather. A sip of this full-bodied dark amber coloured whisky unfurls hidden layers of sweetness – starting with light Sherry influences exposing warm steeped exotic fruits, layered with crushed almonds that culminate in a long marzipan finish.
  • Gordon & MacPhail Mortlach 1954, 43%
    The first fill Sherry butt which matured this rich and complex Mortlach single malt for fifty-eight years has left strong influences. The nose of the golden amber liquid is full of Sherry impressions including dried fruits mellowed by a hint of beeswax blossoming into a fresh yet subtle peppermint edge. The full-bodied single malt is captivating; it bursts on the palate with a lovely spiciness that develops into warm tropical fruits and mouth drying cocoa but concludes with a creamy finish.
  • Gordon & MacPhail Longmorn 1967, 43%
    Waft from the glass on one hand, delicately tempered by exotic spices and tree-plucked nectarines, whilst, on the other, intensified by sweet hints of marzipan. The initial mouthful bedazzles with a tangled mix of warming spiciness intermingled with a crisp sweetness – a beautiful medley of ground black pepper and crystallised ginger. Baked apple, stewed pear, and charred peach flavours blossom enriched by a zesty citrus edge.
  • Gordon & MacPhail Linkwood 1972, 43%
    A perfect winter warmer, this robust yet smooth Speysider matured for four decades producing a harmonious amber coloured spirit. Festive spice medley of aromas – cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and allspice – entwine perfectly with subtle Sherry influences and soft toffee highlighted by crisp apple and earthy almond. Chilli spice prickles the palate, mouth warming tones linger as apple and ripe banana flavours develop melding into a luxurious dark chocolate and brazil nut edge.


  • 29.204 A DAY AT THE BEACH, 18yo, 276 Flaschen, 53.6%, 109.- GBP – Laphroaig
    We were on the beach in the morning and the tide had just gone out exposing plenty of rock pools which kept the children busy while we prepared the barbeque for breakfast; French toast with bacon and maple syrup. We were still there at lunchtime, threw a couple of peat slabs on the fire and started to prepare sausage and bean casserole with a Moroccan theme, adding dates and sultanas. With water, time moved on to late afternoon; we opened a few bottles of Rauchbier and had melon and Parma ham salad for tea.
    Refill hogshead, Cask# 8188, Jahrgang: 1997 | Region: Islay
  • 3.295 BOUQUETS AND SPADES, 20yo, 228 Flaschen, 54.6%, 89.60 GBP – Bowmore
    On the beach was an unusual place to find a florist shop, however the perfumed bouquet of pink roses, heather and violets seemed to balance rather nicely with the nearby bonfire and the smouldering damp sticks that had been placed upon it. Someone was toasting marshmallows to go with melted chocolate on Belgian waffles whilst around the other side someone else was cooking bacon that had been stretched across twigs and drizzled with maple syrup. We had with us a punnet of peaches, perhaps we could smoke those on the bonfire too, sprinkled with a little brown sugar.
    Refill hogshead, Cask# 960077, Jahrgang: 1996 | Region: Islay
  • 4.223 ANGELS’ DELIGHT, 20yo, 210 Flaschen, 52.1%, 109.20 GBP – Highland Park
    Twenty years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, followed by a first-fill Pedro Ximenez cask resulted in a nose of heather moor-burn and burnt sticks, with toffee, caramel and meringue sweetness, dulce sherry and toasted macaroons. The palate is a classic combination of subtle smoke and burnt leaves with rich honey, dark chocolate, sweet sherry and muscovado; dry oaky tannins and spices tingle the mouth. The reduced nose has spun sugar, vanilla and prunes, bonfire embers and enough warehouse aromas to delight a host of angels. The palate now has chocolate raisins and syrup sponge, with a blanket-stitch of smoke all around the tongue.
    1st fill Spanish oak Pedro Ximenez hogshead, Cask# 2701, Jahrgang: 1995 | Region: Highland Island
  • 53.240 A GATHERING DINNER PARTY, 16yo, 276 Flaschen, 64.2%, 79.- GBP – Caol Ila
    A rich sweet smoke greeted the Panel like having a party in a walk-in humidor. The finger food on offer; ‘pigs in blankets’, prunes wrapped in bacon and skinny carrot fries. On the palate we had dinner; guinea fowl terrine followed by roast pheasant breast with potato wedges and cranberry sauce. Dessert came with a drop of water; sticky toffee pudding with lashings of double cream. The party kept going on and on and finally ended with a slightly smoked seafood ceviche. Sixteen years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, finished in a virgin oak hogshead with a heavy toast and a medium char.
    Virgin oak hogshead, heavy toast/medium char, Cask# 303878, Jahrgang: 2000 | Region: Islay
  • 66.92 SIMPLY DELICIOUS, 9yo, 24 Flaschen, 57.6%, 55.- GBP – Ardmore
    “This is simply delicious!” one panellist announced with much excitement, as the smell of roasted chestnuts, grilled portobello mushrooms, sweet wafer biscuits and salted dark chocolate filled the air. With a dash of water came a lively and mineralic effervescence of Vichy Pastille and chalky Pez sweets. Taking a sip we smiled in delight. Now came salted caramel, baked apples, hickory smoke, red onion chutney and applewood smoked streaky bacon covered in maple syrup with an interesting floral finish like dried flowers or lavender honey. We all agreed, this was simply delicious indeed.
    Refill barrel, Cask# 800145, Jahrgang: 2007 | Region: Highland Eastern
  • 7.154 STYLISH & VIBRANT!, 30yo, Flaschen, 44.4%, 325.- GBP – Longmorn
    The nose neat had a ‘little bit of everything’- chai tea, Parma violets, treacle sponge, vanilla custard, Garam masala mixed spice, dried mangos, antique wooden cigar box and a polished grand piano – ‘all in no particular order’! The taste was best described as walnut puree pizza, toasted crumpets and warm spiced berries with yoghurt and lavender honey. The tiniest drop of water and we enjoyed ‘brûléed’ Italian plums with Armagnac custard and coffee cardamom and walnut cake. Thirty years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, finished in a virgin oak hogshead with a heavy toast and a medium char.
    Virgin oak hogshead, heavy toast/medium char, Cask# 8899, Jahrgang: 1985 | Region: Speyside Lossie
  • 76.130 FOREVER YOUNG!, 28yo, 186 Flaschen, 53.0%, 170.- GBP – Mortlach
    Dark but very delicate aromas pulled us all deep into the glass and we seemed to be lost forever as nobody said a word for what felt like an eternity. It has got the gracefulness of maturity like antique leather bound books or heavy well-polished antique oak cupboards but at the same time the youthful vibrancy of juicy ripe pears, blood orange segments and candied limes. It melted in our mouths like a deep dark chocolate panna cotta with orange – a match made in heaven! Add a drop of water, if you so wish and it turned into a smooth, soft, spongy tropical fruit cake.
    Refill hogshead, Cask# 3212, Jahrgang: 1987 | Region: Speyside Spey
  • 41.83 ‘SHERRY, SHERRY BABY’, 9yo, 546 Flaschen, 58.7%, 46.70 GBP – Dailuaine
    Looking at the colour, noting the age and nosing it this one could not hide its provenance. Aromas of powdered ginger, ground cloves and cinnamon mixed with blood orange segments, dark sour Morello cherries and bacon frazzles making this quite an experience. Just wait until you’ve tried it! Full-bodied with plenty to tell; wood spices, tart apples and plenty of sour cherries, but at the same time dark bitter chocolate notes. Diluted, spicier with slightly herbal aromas appeared as well as honey like syrup from sun drenched figs and on the palate, goat cheese blended with mascarpone, roast beetroot and walnuts.
    First fill ex-oloroso sherry butt | Region: Speyside Spey
  • 29.199 EUREKA MOMENT, 16yo, 204 Flaschen, 58.6%, 106.40 GBP – Laphroaig
    A surprisingly tame nose greeted the Panel, like a pick ‘n’ mix with acid drops, jelly beans, barley sugar, flying saucers, sherbet straws, aniseed balls and bubble-gum millions with someone also dipping a quill into an ink well. On the palate neat; quite punchy, plenty of smoke, salt, liquorice and pepper with a maritime/lemony tang in the finish. A drop of water and still not much in the way of smoke on the nose; antiseptic cream, UV marker pens and refilling a long nozzle gas firelighter. Flavour of smoke still very much apparent but now more in terms of burning heather and burnt toast with salted butter.
    Refill ex-bourbon barrel| Region: Islay

Glen Grant

In Deutschland wurde der neue 12-jährige auf der InterWhisky in Frankfurt vorgestellt. Ich hatte ihn bereits im Frühjahr in der „Bottling Hall“ bei Glen Grant in der Hand (Reisebericht: Glen Grant Distillery – Technical Visit). Das neue Flaschendesign gefällt mir und auch der Whisky gefällt mir. Allerdings dürfte die Duty Free Variante mit 48% und non chill-filtered interessanter sein.

Signatory Ardmore

Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Dieser nicht kühlgefilterte Ardmore wurde in einer Alkoholstärke von 40% vol. abgefüllt. Damit liegt dieser Whisky unter der bekannten Schwelle von 46% vol.: Oberhalb dieser Schwelle bleiben Öle und Fette im Whisky gelöst und unterhalb fallen diese aus und trüben den Whisky. Diese ausgetretenen Öle und Fette haben eine andere Textur und verändern dadurch das Mundgefühl und die Aromenwahrnehmung beim Tasting!

Im Geschmack zeigen sich tolle Zitrusnoten, etwas Rauch und leichte Pfeffer- und Kräuter-Noten. Der Whisky ist cremig ölig auf der Zunge und verbleibt so auch bis hin zum Finish. Vermählt wurden drei Ex-Bourbon-Barrels zu insgesamt 1075 Flaschen!“

Black Art

Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Kurz bevor Jim 2015 in den Ruhestand ging, nahm er mich beiseite und überreichte mir feierlich seine Rezeptur für das nächste Projekt – Black Art 5. Es war ein sehr emotionaler Moment als ich die volle Verantwortung für einen unserer großartigsten Whiskys übertragen bekam. Dankend nahm ich das Papier an mich und schloss es sicher ein .denn dieser Whisky sollte zu 100% mein ganz eigener Black Art werden“ (Adam Hannett, Head Distiller). Black Art steht für eine ganz außergewöhnliche Cuvée. Die wenigen Fässer stammen aus allen Ecken der Warehouses und können nur von einem solch erfahrenen Master Distiller wie Jim McEwan oder Adam Hannett identifiziert und auf kunstvolle Weise zu einem Black Art vermählt werden. Jahrelang standen mehrere Fässer unter besonderer Beobachtung. Die endgültige Rezeptur bleibt eines der meistgehüteten Geheimnisse der Brennerei.“

Verfügbar ab Ende Dezember / Anfang Januar 2016

As we get it

  • Nase: Torfrauch, Noten von Zitrus und Limonen
  • Aroma: Komplex, Gewürze und wieder Torf, etwas Toffee
  • Finish: Noten von Gewürzen und Eiche. Lang anhaltend.

Die Abfüllung erfolgt in Fassstärke. Auf den Zusatz von Farbstoff und den Einsatz der Kältefiltrierung wurde wie gewohnt verzichtet. Wie bereits die vorherigen Batches ist auch dieses Batch wieder nur limitiert erhältlich.