NdW - Neuerscheinungen der Woche

NdW 36|17: Edradour, Benromach, G&M Glen Grant Collection, Big Peat, SMWS, Arran, Kyrö, Glen Scotia

Ein paar Abfüllungen habe ich in den letzten Wochen unterschlagen und ein paar neue sind wieder dazugekommen. Edradour hat schon vor zwei Wochen drei neue für Deutschland vorgestellt: einen 21-jährigen und zwei „Straight from the Cask“. Benromach hat vor wenigen Tagen einen dreifach-destillierten 2009er vorgestellt. G&M stellt für fast 11.000.- EUR die Glen Grant Collection vor. Bei Douglas Laing bricht mit dem Big Peat schon das Weihnachtsgeschäft aus. Auch die SMWS hat letzten Freitag bereits 12 Single Malts für den September ins Rennen geschickt. Arran bringt eine Jubiläumsausgabe zu Ehren von James MacTaggart. Und die finnische Kyrö kommt mit einem Single Malt Rye. Der 18-jährige von Glen Scotia kommt jetzt nach Deutschland.

  • Edradour, 21yo, Oloroso Cask Finish, 55.2%, 2.027 Flaschen, ncf, nca, UVP 347,90 EUR
  • Edradour, SFTC, 12yo, Sauternes Cask, 53.5%, 397 Flaschen, 0.5l, ncf, nca, UVP 79,90 EUR
  • Edradour, SFTC, 13yo, Chardonnay Cask, 50.2%, 391 Flaschen, 0.5l, ncf, nca, UVP 84,90 EUR
  • Benromach, Triple Distilled, 50%, Vintage 2009, UVP 45.- GBP (ca. 50.- EUR)
  • Gordon & MacPhail’s Glen Grant Collection, 6 Flaschen 1950-1955, 75 Sets a 9.995.- GBP (ca. 10.900.- EUR)
  • Douglas Laing, Big Peat, Christmas 2017 Limited Edition, 54.1%, ncf, nca, CS, ca. 60.- EUR
  • SMWS, September Outturn, 12 Single Malts
  • Arran,  James MacTaggart Anniversary, ncf, nca, CS, 54.2%, 12.000 Flaschen, UVP 65.- GBP (ca. 70.- EUR)
  • Kyrö, Single Malt Rye Whisky, 500ml, 47.8%, ca. 50 von 360 Flaschen für Deutschland
  • Glen Scotia, 18yo, 46 %, ncf, nca, ca. 88.- EUR

ncf = no chill-filtration (keine Kältefiltration), nca = no color added (ohne Zusatz von Zuckerkulör), CS = Cask Strength (Fassstärke), SC = Single Cask (Einzelfass)

Weitere Informationen und Tasting Notes

Edradour – 21yo

Befüllt: Dezember 1995, Abgefüllt: 2017, Fasstypen: ex Bourbon Hogsheads & First Fill Oloroso Sherry Butts.

Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Dieser Edradour Whisky wurde zunächst vom Dezember 1995 bis Februar 2005 in ex-Bourbon Hogsheads gereift, um dann in First Fill Oloroso Sherry Butts umgefüllt zu werden. Nach insgesamt 12 Jahre Reifung wurden für dieses „Small Batch“ lediglich 3 Fässer miteinander vermählt und 2.027 Flaschen abgefüllt. Die Farbe ist Mahagoni und im Geschmack finden sich leichte Noten von Äpfeln und Kokosnuss kombiniert mit gebrannten Mandeln, Aprikosen, Rosinen und Schokolade. Es handelt sich um einen sehr komplexen Dram mit einem langen Finish. Ein klassischer Vertreter von Edradour!

Edradour – SFTC – Straight from the Cask

Bei SFTC handelt es sich immer um ausgesuchte Einzelfässer (SC), die in Fassstärke (CS), ungefiltert (ncf) und ungefärbt (nca) in die Flasche gelangen. Gelagert wird ausschließlich in einem Fasstyp und abgefüllt wird in 500 ml Flaschen.

SFTC – 12yo

Befüllt: 22.09.2004, Abgefüllt: 27.03.2017, Fassnr.: 365, Fasstyp: Sauternes Cask

SFTC – 13yo

Befüllt: 12.12.2003, Abgefüllt: 18.07.2017, Fassnr.: 430, Fasstyp: Chardonnay Cask


Aus der PM: „The malt, a 2009 vintage bottled this year, will have a limited release of approximately 1300 cases.

Distillery Manager Keith Cruickshank erklärt: “This new whisky is distilled in a wash still once and twice in a spirit still, before it is matured in first fill bourbon barrels, resulting in its light, fruity character with a fantastic delicate smokiness. The Benromach Triple Distilled is an exceptional addition to our Benromach family and we think that whisky lovers and Benromach fans will be eager to experience it for themselves.

Offizielle Tasting Notes

Sweet vanilla, chocolate, lemon, and oak aromas delicate smoke. Peppery yet sweet with rich orange, banana, and apple with oak and trace of smoke lingers.

Glen Grant Collection

Seit dem 04. September sind auch die ersten 75 Sets aus der Glen Grant Collection verfügbar. Es handelt sich dabei um ein Set aus sechs Flaschen mit Single Malt aus den Jahren 1950 bis 1955, d.h. 57 bis 61 Jahre alter Whisky einer Destillerie.

Stephen Rankin, Director und in der vierten Generation Familienmitglied der Urquhart Familie (Besitzer von Gordon & MacPhail): “By creating this collection, we have captured a unique piece of Scotland’s liquid history, bringing together a combined 353 years of knowledge, expertise, and whisky maturation. With six whiskies aged between 57 and 61 years old, this collection is a testament to the company’s ability to nurture aged expressions.“

  • Gordon & MacPhail Glen Grant 1950
  • Gordon & MacPhail Glen Grant 1951
  • Gordon & MacPhail Glen Grant 1952 – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2017, Single Malt 41 Years & Over (Multiple Casks)
  • Gordon & MacPhail Glen Grant 1953
  • Gordon & MacPhail Glen Grant 1954 – double gold award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017, gold in the International Spirits Challenge 2017.
  • Gordon & MacPhail Glen Grant 1955

Big Peat

Bereits ab September wird die diesjährige Weihnachts-Edition verfügbar sein. Die aus dem letzten Jahr hat mir sehr gut gefallen. In diesem Blended Malt sind nur Single Malts von Islay miteinander komponiert worden: „With Caol Ila spirit bringing sweetness, Bowmore the perfect balance, Ardbeg the medicinal, earthy quality and Port Ellen, a degree of elegance, Big Peat Islay Malt Scotch Whisky represents all that is Islay in a bottle.“ Im letzten Jahr waren erstmalig ALLE Islay Destillerien vertreten, dieses Jahr sind es offiziell nur die vier oben genannten.

Offizielle Tasting Notes

Big Peat Christmas 2017 packs an appropriately big peated punch, showing all sorts of maritime qualities like ferry engine rooms, tarry ropes, rock pools, harbour walls, beached seaweed and creosoted beach huts, with a late suggestion of chewed leather.


  • 5.58 Contrapuntal harmony, 16yo, 227 Flaschen, 55,9%, 69,00 GBP – Auchentoshan 
    The nose held our attention with attractive, wood-derived notes of dunnage, vanilla and tobacco leaf; also sweet, perfumed aromas of jam donuts, brandy snaps, dolly mixtures, banana and tulips. The palate balanced sweetness with acidity – unripe nectarine, pomegranate, black cherries and lime; Haribo Astro Belts, hyacinths and subtle wine hints. The reduced nose had fresh-sawn oak, chamois leather, coconut and laurel leaf counterpointing fudge, marshmallow and Turkish delight. On the palate, we found Amarena cherries and limoncello – still tangy and lip-smacking but much sweeter. After 16 years in ex-bourbon wood we transferred this into a first-fill red wine hogshead.
    1st fill charred ex-red wine hogshead, Jahrgang: 2000 | Region: Lowland
  • 7.173 Salted dark chocolate, 26yo, 211 Flaschen, 55,7%, 130,00 GBP – Longmorn
    A heavy heady musty perfumed scent of apples baked in cider with cinnamon, butter and brown sauce, mustard & rosemary pork chops with a fruits of the forest sauce made us all itchy to give it a try. Surprisingly spicy, star anise next to fennel and coriander seeds however with a tingling dry slightly tannic finish. Water released the fruity sweetness of apple jam with ginger and Calvados-soaked raisins and on the palate now a lot more approachable with marzipan, caramelized almond tart and salted dark chocolate sauce in the finish. Twenty-six years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, finished in a first fill new French oak hogshead. 1st fill French oak hogshead (Selection EDV), Jahrgang: 1990 | Region: Speyside Lossie
  • 29.228 Cooking with driftwood, 20yo, 245 Flaschen, 50,9%, 128,00 GBP – Laphroaig
    Sitting on the beach we had gathered driftwood for the fire and proceeded to burn toast on sticks. We threw into an iron pan a fistful of sweet chestnuts and readied steak and tuna to be fried with coconut oil and soy sauce over peat for a heavenly reek. We used plenty of fresh herbs and liquorice mixed with walnut oil and honey for our sweet salad dressing. The fresh and salty breeze off the sea combined with seaweed and old ship’s rope to create an evocative aroma, reminding us of times spent at the harbour with its tar-covered wood. We opened a fine bottle of aged Riesling and admired its minerality and rich, petrolic and oily character. A perfect afternoon that we wish could last forever.
    Refill hogshead, Jahrgang: 1996 | Region: Islay
  • 37.91 Big boozy trifle, 15yo, 266 Flaschen, 56,0%, 61,20 GBP – Cragganmore
    This peach tinted tincture promptly delivered our senses into a realm of apple and rhubarb crumble, tropical fruit salad and mandarin segments soaked in brandy. Banana flavouring directed us to the clean and woody notes of freshly polished school desks with leather bound books and the freshness of eucalyptus leaves. Sweet confectionary followed in the guise of chocolate muffins, caramel wafers and a trifle that had been mercilessly drenched in sweet marsala wine. The palate offered a drier sophistication as banana skins, gooseberries and dried cranberries jostled with the creamy texture of real vanilla custard and gingerbread. Hot-cross buns and minty herbal notes rounded off a superb and balanced finish. After a maturation of 15 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead this was transferred to a 1st fill French oak hogshead for the remainder of its maturation.
    1st fill French oak hogshead (Classic M+), Jahrgang: 2001 | Region: Speyside Spey
  • 64.94 Calming and charming, 11yo, 215 Flaschen, 55,3%, 55,60 GBP – Mannochmore
    We found the nose quite calming, with its gentle fruitiness (pear orchards in summer), subtle perfumes (hand cream, lip balm, talc) cocoa powder and vanilla custard slice. The palate was unexpectedly deep and intense – with pear, peach and raspberry jam fruitiness, salted caramel chocolate and manzanilla, then light cumin and fenugreek on the finish. The nose became even more inviting with water – jelly babies, orange blossom and magnolia, creamy vanilla and after dinner mints, with little hints of tobacco and pepper trailing behind. The reduced palate was sweeter, charming and very easy-drinking – juicy pear, peppered strawberries and fruit-flavoured churchwarden pipe tobacco.
    Refill barrel, Jahrgang: 2005 | Region: Speyside
  • 46.53 Chocolates and flowers, 19yo, 274 Flaschen, 55,7%, 75,00 GBP – Glenlossie
    There’s a peach melba, maple syrup and foamy shrimp sweetness to the nose but it is predominantly floral in a concentrated but quite natural way – shrubberies, gorse flowers, violets and lilies. The palate is eye-poppingly intense, mouth-drawing, zingy and sharp with lemon shortbread, tangy lime sorbet, grapefruit segments and ginger. The reduced nose is just a delight – hints of eucalyptus, delicate sweetness (Werthers*, chocolate ice-cream) and rose bud tea – like flowers and a box of chocolates on a first date. The palate now boasts tropical fruits (mango, papaya and dragon fruit), sherbet straws and parma violets – we thought it just great! (*Werther’s Original – caramel candies, originally from Germany)
    Refill hogshead, Jahrgang: 1997 | Region: Speyside
  • 39.147 Cozy in the cottage kitchen, 27yo, 185 Flaschen, 58,4%, 135,00 GBP – Linkwood
    Walking in from the garden we took of our soft leather gardening gloves and placed them on the heavy kitchen table with a basket of lavender and punnets of freshly picked strawberries. A delicious apple and rhubarb crumble and just been removed from the oven and a dusting of nutmeg danced on the bubbling caramelised brown sugar on its surface. We began to peel fresh oranges to use in hot toddies with plenty of honey, ginger and cloves. Perhaps we would also add a dash of cassis for a fruity twist. A sweet and fragrant aroma wafted by as cocktails were poured containing dry martini, orange bitters and tinned pears and lychees. Refill hogshead, Jahrgang: 1990 | Region: Speyside
  • 55.47 Barrique fantastique, 16yo, 245 Flaschen, 54,8%, 68,00 GBP – Royal Brackla
    This nose achieved a sweet/acidic balance – fudge donuts and sticky toffee pudding against damson gin and cherry liqueur chocolates; also some pleasant wood notes. That wood hit the palate dead centre – black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and charred oak, yet we agreed it was rounded and silky with toffee apple sweetness. The reduced nose combined melon, bramble jam and dried cranberries with toffee sauce over ice-cream and a tiny hint of humidors. The palate found tart raspberry and caramelised apple, with some leather and drying spice on the finish. After 16 years in ex-bourbon wood we transferred this into a red wine barrique. 1st fill barrique, Jahrgang: 2000 | Region: Speyside
  • 70.22 Malaga raisin ice cream, 11yo, 194 Flaschen, 55,9%, 55,00 GBP – Balblair
    We felt transported to a park, rug spread out, sitting on a lush green lawn with colourful flower beds surrounding us. We had lunch and were now drinking a cup of coffee whilst the children bought from the ice cream van cones with scoops of marshmallow ice cream. Having seen them happily licking away we got ourselves Neapolitan choc sandwiches; strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream in biscuit wafers dipped in a chocolate coating. After a drop of water some went back to the van and came back with gently spiced cinnamon tutti-frutti as well as vanilla ice cream with raisins soaked in Malaga sweet fortified wine. Refill barrel, Jahrgang: 2006 | Region: Highland
  • 71.46 Youthful cockiness, 9yo, 237 Flaschen, 60,1%, 49,40 GBP – Glenburgie
    The nose kicked off with youthful cockiness – the sweetness of vanilla panna cotta and salted caramel, good fruitiness (custard apple, cassis, tinned mandarin and pear) and something of forest floor and tree bark. The palate had plenty of sweet treats (foamy bananas, pink wafers and Swiss roll) with very restrained spice (cinnamon and Jamaica ginger cake) supplying satisfying warmth. The reduced nose got richer and deeper – sweet pipe tobacco and cigar boxes, dulce de leche and rum truffles. The reduced palate was not particularly complex but very drinkable indeed – balanced and moreish; tongue-tingling mint humbugs and lip-smacking strawberry tarts and vanilla.
    Refill barrel, Jahrgang: 2008 | Region: Speyside Lossie
  • 100.14 Boozy basil blueberry, 12yo, 181 Flaschen, 59,4%, 55,00 GBP – Strathmill
    Lemon freshness of sparkling mint lemonade greeted the Panel at first soon followed by sherbet fizzy sweets as well as raspberry peach sorbet. On the palate neat a lovely balance between sweet and spice like a creamy Sriracha hot sauce made from chili peppers, vinegar garlic, salt and sugar over a honey & lime chicken skewer. Water added on the nose a pineapple, coconut and mint infused iced green tea and to taste, sweet, juicy and fruity with a delicate herbal note like frozen boozy basil blueberry lemonade slushie making this an ideal summer barbeque drink. Refill barrel, Jahrgang: 2005 | Region: Speyside
  • 112.18 Culinary trip around Britain, 9yo, 311 Flaschen, 60,0%, 52,00 GBP – Loch Lomond (Inchmurrin) – On the nose neat this felt like a traditional English ploughman’s lunch consisting of nutty golden mature cheese wedges, herb flavoured sausages, mango chutney, pickled onions, beetroot and celery sticks. On the palate neat a Welsh rarebit, cheese on toast seasoned with chilli pepper chutney and Worcestershire sauce and maple glazed walnuts were added. With water the gastronomic journey continued and aromas of hearty lamb Scotch broth with winter root vegetables were followed by a tasty surprising twist as flavours of oven roasted sardines with tomatoes on sourdough bread and cured salmon with dill, tarragon and fresh horseradish rounded of the culinary delights.
    2nd fill hogshead, Jahrgang: 2008 | Region: Highland


Aus der PM: „This fresh and vibrant expression of The Arran Malt has been carefully blended by James from a selection of first fill Bourbon Barrels from his first months of production in 2007.

Original Tasting Notes

  • Nose: A fresh nose with notes of salt combine with lemon oil, pairing the coast of Lochranza with the iconic citrus notes of the Arran Malt.
  • Palate: The palate runs over with the immediate warmth of white pepper which softens as boiled sweets and apple pastries start to show.
  • Finish: The lengthy finish sweetens further to candy floss as it fades away with the freshness of a well-made whisky-sour cocktail. This is a delightful expression of Arran Whisky where the true character and complexity shines through beautifully.

James äußerte sich in der Pressemitteilung: “The last 10 years have been very special for the distillery. We’ve released our oldest age statements, including the 18 Year Old which was a real coming of age for Arran. One of the great pleasures of my job is crafting unique bottlings inspired by the island and its history – a history that I’m proud to be part of.

Und auch Euan Mitchell, Managing Director der Isle of Arran Distillers: “James is a man dedicated to traditional whisky making, but with an eye to the sensibilities of the modern whisky drinker, he’s been instrumental in establishing the quality reputation of the Arran Malt and opening scotch up to a new generation of fans. This bottling is a fantastic way to pay tribute to the influence James has had on the Arran Malt and to give the Arran community a chance to own a piece of distillery history. We hope people will join us in raising a dram to a great man and a fantastic Master Distiller.


Aus der PM: „Die Kyrö Distillery Company wurde im Jahr 2012 gegründet, nachdem fünf Freunde während eines Saunabesuches zum ersten Mal Rye Whisky tranken und sich fragten, weshalb im Roggenland Finnland noch niemand Whisky aus Roggen produzierte. Fest entschlossen dies zu ändern, befeuerten die furchtlosen Rye Rye Gentlemen im Jahre 2014 endlich ihre Brennanlagen in einer ehemaligen Molkerei in Isokyrö. Da Whisky aber mindestens drei Jahre reifen muss, beschloss man die Wartezeit mit der Herstellung anderer Spirituosen auf Roggen-Basis zu überbrücken. Der Whisky reifte zuerst in unbenutzten weißen Eichenfässern, bevor er anschließend in größere Bourbon-Casks umgefüllt wurde und erhält zu guter Letzt sein Finish in Marsala-Fässern.

  • Farbe: dunkles Honig-Gold
  • Nase: Roggenbrot, Bienenwachs, Aprikose, Rosinen, scharf, würzig
  • Geschmack: süße Eiche, fruchtig, robuste Würze

In Deutschland wird es von den 50 Flaschen aber keine zu kaufen geben, denn die gehen ausschließlich in die Gastronomie.

UPDATE (01.10.2017) In diesen 16 Bars könntet Ihr fündig werden: 

  • Stairs – Berlin
  • Meisterschueler – Berlin
  • Schwarze Traube – Berlin
  • Fifty Cocktail Heroes – Berlin
  • Golvet – Berlin
  • Toddy Tapper – Köln
  • Al Salam – Köln
  • Lab 12 – Köln
  • Shepheard – Köln
  • Elsa – Köln
  • Seven Swans – Frankfurt
  • The Kinly Bar – Frankfurt
  • Embury – Frankfurt
  • Hunky Dory – Frankfurt
  • Barroom – München
  • Auroom – München

Glen Scotia

Aus der PM: „Die Reifung erfolgte für 17 Jahre in ausgewählten Refill Bourbon Barrels und American Oak Hogsheads. Nach der Vermählung der verschiedenen Fasssorten wurde der Glen Scotia 18yo in First Fill Oloroso Sherry Casks für 12 Monate nachgelagert. Die Oloroso Sherry Fässer heben die typischen Glen Scotia Fruchtaromen hervor, zudem vollendet die dezente Atlantiknote diesen Whisky zu einem charaktervollen Campbeltown Single Malt.

Original Tasting Notes

  • Nose: The higher peat content gives a more sweet and smoky character and a beautiful rounded finish.
  • Palate: Rich deep vanilla fruit flavours, apricot and pineapple, plump sultana.
  • Finish: Long and dry with gentle warming spice.