NdW - Neuerscheinungen der Woche

NdW 39|17: Yula, Dewar’s, Tomatin, Old Pulteney

Der Herbst ist da und damit eine ganze Menge Neuerscheinungen. Die dritte und letzte Edition von Yula bringt Douglas Laing. DEWAR’s einen neuen 25-jährigen. Tomatin einen weiteren Cù Bòcan und Earth. Und Old Pulteney kommt demnächst mit einem 25-jährigen.

  • Yula, 22yo, Chapter 3, 51.2%, CS, ncf, nca, 900 Flaschen, Blended Malt
  • DEWAR’S, 25yo, 40%, Blended Whisky, 225.- USD
  • Tomatin, Cù Bòcan, 2006 Vintage, 50%, 9.000 Flaschen, 53.- GBP
  • Tomatin, Five Virtue Series – Earth, 46%, 6.000 Flaschen, 50.- GBP
  • Old Pulteney, 25yo, 46%

ncf = no chill-filtration (keine Kältefiltration), nca = no color added (ohne Zusatz von Zuckerkulör), CS = Cask Strength (Fassstärke)

Weitere Informationen und Tasting Notes


Dies ist die dritte und letzte Ausgabe der Yula-Trilogie. Ein weiteres Jahr länger gelagert. Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Douglas Laing’s Yula 22 Years Old is a unique marriage of Scotland’s finest Island Single Malts resulting in a Whisky with a distinctly maritime and gently smoked character bottled at natural cask strength of 51.2%, and without colouring nor chill-filtration.

Originale Tasting Notes

Catch a gentle oceanic salt and ozone clean zephyr as the nose opens – with its later tobacco and leather style. Palatewise, anticipate a complex mix of sweet peat, pepper, coal dust, oak wood smoke and a late-on-the-palate chocolatey sweetness.  The long subtle finish initially reflects that dulcet, barley quality but still shows a warmingly spiced, tarred and sooted style.

Den Yula II konnte ich probieren: Tasting: Yula II – 21yo


Aus der Pressemitteilung: „During this extra period of maturation, the disparate characters of the malts and grains are allowed to interact with one another and mellow further. In an extra step unique to the new 25-year-old expression, the whisky was then filled into a set of freshly disgorged ROYAL BRACKLA® casks for an extra period of finishing.

Cù Bòcan

Aus der Pressemitteilung: „The whisky is matured in first fill ex-Bourbon and ex-Oloroso Sherry casks. Boasting warm, festive flavours with a gentle touch of peat smoke, it is fitting that the bottle comes with a special Cù Bòcan branded glass. The Cù Bòcan brand is named after a mythical Highland hellhound which was rumoured to haunt the village of Tomatin and was launched in 2013 as a lightly peated alternative to the traditional fruity flavours of Tomatin single malt. The distillery has been producing peated malt for the last week of every year since 2005, and in recent years has been experimenting with different levels of peatiness (PPM) in order to diversity their offering in the coming years. This latest release follows previous limited editions including the 1989 vintage in 2014, along with the Virgin Oak, Sherry and Bourbon expressions in 2015, the 1988 vintage launched in May 2016 and the 2005 vintage launched in August 2016.


  • Nose: An intriguing mix of vanilla, burning heather and black fruits with sweet light smoke.
  • Taste: Unlike any other Tomatin, a salty smokiness with burnt honey and kelp.
  • Finish: Complex and ever-changing; smoky and sweet.

Old Pulteney

  • APPEARANCE: Glimmering Bronze
  • AROMA: Mature and fragrant with heavy spices and dark chocolate notes
  • TASTE: Bitter chocolate and creamy vanilla with hints of toffee, followed by a long and spicy finish