NdW - Neuerscheinungen der Woche

NdW 09|17: Benromach, Douglas Laing, SMWS

Benromach hat am ersten März eine neue Auflage des Sassicaia Wood Finish angekündigt. Douglas Laing hat neben der neuen Consortium of Cards-Serie (siehe NdW 06|17) elf weitere Single Malts für Deutschland angekündigt. Und bei der SMWS wurde heute das März Outturn freigegeben.

  • Benromach, Sassicaia Wood Finish, 45%, 8.000 Flaschen, RRP 38.99 GBP (ca. 45.- EUR)
  • Douglas Laing: 1x XOP, 6x OP, 4x Provenance
  • SMWS: 8 weitere Single Malts und ein Grain

Weitere Informationen / Tasting Notes


Destilliert wurde die Abfüllung 2009 und ursprünglich in first fill bourbon barrels gelagert. Die Sassicaia Weinfässer für das Finish stammen aus der Region Bolgheri. Auf Grund der großen Nachfrage ist dieses Release doppelt so groß, d.h. 8.000 statt 4.000 Flaschen.

Offizielle Tasting Notes: „deep ruby red in colour, with notes of ripe berries, milk chocolate drops, and hints of ginger and cinnamon, complemented by a subtle sense of smoke“.

Douglas Laing

Für die OP Consortium of Cards #1 “Königin der Hebriden” hier die deutsche UVP: 199,90 Euro. Berichtet hatte ich schon vor drei Wochen: NdW 06|17.

  • XOP Single Malt Bruichladdich 25yo, 54,6%, UVP: 274,90 EUR
  • OLD PARTICULAR Single Malt Tomintoul 20yo, 51,5%, UVP: 124,90 EUR
  • OLD PARTICULAR Single Malt Ledaig 11yo, 48,4%, UVP: 79,90 EUR
  • OLD PARTICULAR Single Malt Bruichladdich 11yo, 48,4%, UVP: 119,90 EUR
  • OLD PARTICULAR Single Malt Bowmore 17yo, 48,4%, UVP: 149,90 EUR
  • OLD PARTICULAR Single Malt Tobermory 21yo, 51,5%, UVP: 124,90 EUR
  • OLD PARTICULAR Single Grain Strathclyde 20yo, 50,6%, UVP: 89,99 EUR
  • Provenance Benrinnes 11yo, 46,0%, UVP: 59,90 EUR
  • Provenance Aberlour 8yo, 46,0%, UVP: 64,90 EUR
  • Provenance Glentauchers 7yo, 46,0%, UVP: 45,90 EUR
  • Provenance Tamdhu 12yo, 46,0%, UVP: 45,90 EUR


  • 26.118 Happiness is a Warm Hug!, 16yo, 180 Flaschen, 52,4%, 69,10 GBP – Clynelish
    (New Bottle) The nose neat was rich and beautiful; Amaretto soaked peach triple layer cake with mascarpone frosting, chocolate ganache truffles and marzipan stolen ice cream with raisins soaked in brandy. The taste was that of maple syrup flapjack, hazelnut and cinder toffee tiffin as well as honeyed roasted fig and almond tart. A drop of water and aromas of sweet Jamaican fried dumplings and creamy orange-cinnamon rice pudding met banana fritters with a vanilla caramel sauce on the palate like a warm embrace. Sixteen years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, finished in a virgin oak hogshead with a heavy toast and a medium char.
    Virgin oak hogshead, heavy toast/medium char, Jahrgang: 2000 | Region: Highland Northern
  • 29.209 More reviving than smelling salts, 19yo, 258 Flaschen, 50,1%, 124,- GBP – Laphroaig
    (New Bottle) A palpably maritime nose – seaweed, rock-pools, ship’s timbers, smoked mussels and kippers; one panellist got vanilla ice-cream in a shaman’s tepee (herbal, medicinal smoke, soot, leather). The palate’s complex flavours – fish, fennel, shrimp, oak, vanilla, oven-roasted parsnips and chocolate cake, were infused with peat-smoke, herbal medicines and volcanic ash. The reduced nose was more reviving than smelling salts – hot rocks, salted caramel, roast coffee, liquorice and rubber balloons – a good idea to keep some handy in case somebody faints! The sweet, earthy palate now had soot, peat ash, sweet tar, black-jacks and butter and strawberry jam on burnt toast.
    Refill hogshead, Jahrgang: 1996 | Region: Islay
  • 41.93 Little house on the prairie, 10yo, 204 Flaschen, 59,3%, 51,40 GBP – Dailuaine
    (Old Label) The nose had us imagining a smiling woman on a new rocking chair on a porch surveying the prairie grasslands – youngsters gathered round tempted by the apple pie, marshmallows, toffee and rainbow drops on the table. The palate had a lovely mouth burst of sweet and citric flavours – Haribo sour apple rings, lemon sorbet, cherry Bakewell and that apple pie had a hint of cinnamon. On the reduced nose the prairie had blossomed after rain into a flower meadow (with lemon balm) and an orchard (apples, pears, stone fruits and blackcurrants). The palate was finely balanced, with summery flowers and fruits.
    Refill barrel, Jahrgang: 2006 | Region: Speyside Spey
  • 31.34 Muted hebridean smoke, 28yo, 192 Flaschen, 48.3%, 135.- GBP – Isle of Jura
    (New Bottle) The nose was immediately promising – gentle smoke drifting over Hebridean beaches, apricot jam, blossom honey, whin-scented soap, menthol tobacco and a comforting leather sofa. The sweet, viscous palate had toffee, sweet coconut and mussels, with fantastically muted smoke (wood smoke and aromatic cigars) – the finish and odd mixture of sherry vinegar and lemon zest. On the reduced nose – jam sponge, splashes of citrus and enjoying Coquilles St Jacques among the gorse bushes. The palate now – lemon squeezed on calamari, key lime pie and salty Twiglets. After 27 years in ex-bourbon wood this was transferred to a first-fill charred red wine hogshead.
    First fill charred ex-red wine hogshead, Jahrgang: 1988 | Region: Highland Island
  • 36.125 Curiosity dram, 12yo, 168 Flaschen, 59,8%, 53,20 GBP – Benrinnes
    (Old Label) This multi-faceted dram had definite curiosity value. The neat nose suggested fabric cleaner, iodine and fag packets –but also Mediterranean herbs, vanilla and lavender candy. The taste was warming; Victory V’s, liquorice, candied pineapple, tobacco and spice – even hints of wood ash and smoke. Even after water, the nose could still revive a fainting lady, but now it seemed more interesting – dried fruits, dusty herbs and fresh cut meadow hay. The reduced palate was the high point – its fruity sweetness sang a different tune – unripe mango, green apple and old-fashioned sweets (somewhere between liquorice and Haribos) – much more elegant and enjoyable.
    1st fill barrel, Jahrgang: 2004 | Region: Speyside Spey
  • G4.11 A happy gathering, 37yo, 210 Flaschen, 50%, 145,00 GBP – Cameronbridge
    (Old Label) With a dynamic and diverse deliverance of delightful fruit the whisky leapt from the glass with a warm embrace like being reacquainted with a long lost friend. Warm mango, plum skin, overripe banana, dried apricot and peeled mandarin all greeted us with open arms. We were introduced to their close friends like coconut, chamois leather, butter and pastry who, like us had mellowed with time. Together we mingled in deep and complex conversation, sipping coffee and discussing the likes of dark chocolate, Bourbon whisky, custard creams, fresh straw and dry mature oak before we finished with a warm spiciness and happy memories. Refill hogshead, Jahrgang: 1979 | Region: Lowland
  • 70.15 Tastylicious and mouth-puckering, 11yo, 198 Flaschen, 57,6%, 55,00 GBP – Balblair
    (New Bottle) The nose gave us fresh oak and carpentry, honey and toffee sweetness, beeswax, sherbet straws and floral and fruity hints. The palate was sweet (chalky sweets, mango syrup, Demerara) with entertainingly lively citric elements (piña colada, lemon, grapefruit) and some inoffensive little splinters of wood. Adding water seemed to close the nose down for a while – eventually opening up subtle tones of white chocolate, pink wafers, raisin flapjacks, snowdrops and rosewater. The reduced palate though, was easy-drinking, tastylicious and mouth-puckering – tropical fruits, lemon meringue pie, silky honey swirled with wood oil and a tingling finish of chilli, nutmeg, clove and tobacco.
    2nd fill barrel, Jahrgang: 2005 | Region: Highland Northern
  • 93.70 Old cars and cigars, 17yo, 234 Flaschen, 53,4%, 79,00 GBP – Glen Scotia
    BUNDLE (New Bottle) The nose suggests a garage for restoring old cars where the mechanic smokes cigars – we also got roasted coffee beans, pecan pie, dark chocolate, dates, figs and spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, aniseed). The palate had a slightly burnt rum Baba, Turkish coffee, rich toffee, sherry, tobacco and a steak seared over charcoal. The reduced nose – Tia Maria and Christmas pudding, dried fruit and matchboxes, while the palate gave amoretti biscuits and Anton Berg chocolates (marzipan, dark chocolate, plum jam) – one panellist remembered sucking on his pacifier. After 16 years in ex-bourbon wood, we transferred this to a first-fill Spanish oak oloroso hogshead.
    1st fill Spanish oak Oloroso hogshead, Jahrgang: 1999 | Region: Campbeltown
  • 112.13 A labyrinth of flavour, 9yo, 264 Flaschen, 57,3%, 52,00 GBP – Loch Lomond
    BUNDLE (Inchmurrin) (New Bottle) A labyrinth of flavour that twisted and turned its way through corridors lavishly garnished with spicy flowers, sweet mushrooms and punnets of strawberries still dusted with fresh earth. Turning a corner we discovered sweet roasted chestnuts, walnuts and sliced melon wrapped with parma ham. A doorway lead us to dry spices with cinnamon, nutmeg and garam masala all neatly organised in tiny tuppaware boxes. “Was this the right way?” we asked as we passed by old cardboard shoeboxes filled with glossy magazines. One more turn and we reached the rich and fruity labyrinth’s centre with sweet wild herbs in a lush forest.
    2nd fill Madeira hogshead, Jahrgang: 2007 | Region: Highland Western