Twitter Tasting: #TheArdmoreWhisky

Vor Kurzem wurde ein neuer Ardmore angekündigt und auch gleich in einem „Tweet Tasting“ bei Twitter der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Ich durfte daran teilnehmen.

Den Überraschungsgast des Abends habe ich Euch bereits vorgestellt: Ardmore 12yo Port Wood Finish. Am 28.10. galt es insgesamt diese vier Abfüllungen von Ardmore zu verproben:


  1. The Ardmore Legacy, 40%, ca. 25.- EUR
  2. The Ardmore Tradition, American Oak und Quarter Cask, 46%, ca. 40.- EUR
  3. The Ardmore Triple Wood, American Oak, Quarter Cask und Puncheons, 46%, ca. 62.- EUR
  4. The Ardmore Port Wood Finish, 12yo (10y American Oak, 2y Port), 46%, ca. 47.- EUR

Bei einem Tweet Tasting habe ich bereits mehrfach mitgemacht und kann es jedem mit Twitter Account nur empfehlen.

Man verprobt an einem solchen Abenden (virtuell) gemeinsam mit andern Whisky-Interessierten meist neue Abfüllungen und tauscht seine Eindrücke aus. Macht man das öfters, trifft man auf „alte Bekannte“. Organisiert wird ein solches Tasting von Steve Rush von TheWhiskyWire. Schaut auf der Seite vorbei und versucht einen der Plätze zu ergattern. Sehr empfehlenswert!

Das Tasting läuft in der Regel so ab, dass Steve etwas über jeden Whisky erzählt, gemeinsam „gerochen“ und gemeinsam „probiert“ wird. Jeder Teilnehmer schreibt dann seine Eindrücke mit dem jeweiligen „Hashtag“ (das war in diesem Fall #TheArdmoreWhisky) versehen als Twitter Nachricht und alle anderen lesen mit und kommentieren gegebenenfalls. Macht Spaß!

Tasting Notes

Damit Ihr eine Vorstellung der verschiedensten Eindrücke bekommt, habe ich mal einige für Euch gesammelt. Wenn Ihr alle sehen wollte, sucht einfach über Twitter nach dem Hashtag.

Tasting Notes Legacy

  • Nose: soft toffee notes and spices. Vanilla, raisins and creamy citrus, Sweet and light peat with a little prickle to kick off. barley, some hints of peat, Vanilla, Bourbon cask influence; vanilla and creamy toffee, New wellington boots, sea spray, custard and lemon peel. Also a touch of coal smoke & coconut in there. Soft and welcoming nose, creamy and light fruitiness. getting some hay on the nose initially, followed by some sweet milk chocolate notes. Damp earthiness with charred wood initially and then a pop corn note starts to come through. The Legacy seems to give some dry earthy feel from the peat. Like heather honey, smoke and cinnamon mixed together, Chocolate lime candies & lemon bon bons on the nose with a pinch-ette of peat
  • Palate: Spices, touch of fruits, candy, almonds, Honey & lemon Lockets lozenges infused with sea spray & smoke, Sweet pastries, key lime pie, toast, quite herbal and slightly spicy like Cumin seeds, very smooth, creamy body with definite spice kick. Still the cinnamon honey for me. Peat slowly develops, Light on the peat and a youthful note, however it’s not harsh with it; soft & silky, great palate with smooth vanilla fudge notes, again the milk-chocolate on the palate, also a floral touch. Honeycomb? gentle peat vanilla & spices – agree slightly savoury for me too, shows me also some red apple, lemondrops, hint of fennel and menthol, Soft grains and an earthy herbal note, gentle spice warming the palate and charcoal, lots at the end! Creamy vanilla, toffee, herbal notes like fresh mown grass and slight smoke like from a camp fire.

Tasting Notes Tradition

  • Nose: some thick waves of heavily burned nuts and wood combined with caramel, less smoke than before, replaced with a rich spicyness and vanilla. Quite dry as well, Beef and mushroom pie! Altogether a sweeter affair. Candy floss, cloudy cider, spice, tarte au citron, Gives me thick packed bales of hay at 1st so giving it some time, Damp hay and a slightly sour note with hints of inner tube while there’s a floral note trying to break out, Spicy frontage pepper, ginger then some caramel sweetness. A vegetative aspect, musty, decaying foliage & Highland heather, Toffee apples galore on the nose of this one, with a good waft of bonfire smoke. A very autumnal drop of dramspankage, It’s getting smokier on the nose, now more like TCP, apples still there too dare I say pear drops now, reminds me of sweet asian desserts and cakes
  • Palate: Bursts into life! Where was all this smoke hiding? Lots of vanilla too. Final hit of smoke to finish, honey, vanilla and raisins. Sweet fruits mixed with a lovely soft smoke through it, From spicy beef to an after smell of apple pie, Palate is a mixture of sweet and savoury Tobacco, smoked ham, xmas nut mix and that spiced nutmeg/cinnamon note, smooth to start and then boom the smoke & spiciness comes through to give you a wee slap, Apple & blackberry crumble on the palate covered in vanilla custard & a cheeky drizzle of smoked caramel sauce, spicy, pepper, smoke, nutty. Some apples in that pie. a whiff of tar and blackcurrant just past me by and took me by surprise, honey sweetness and there’s nutmeg in what is a longer spicier finish than the Legacy, with a blackcurrent jam and fresh piece of bread out of the oven, I would even say there’s a bit of maple cured Canadian streaky bacon in this one too , Zesty lemon notes coming through now. So much going on with this. Braw stuff, not just balanced, the way the flavours change from one to another is great

Tasting Notes Triple Wood

  • Nose: soft spices, some peat, lots of sweet fruits, creamy, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, ginger, raisins, Chocolate crispy cake with smoke and aniseed in the background now, I’m getting a lot of floral notes on the Triple Wood nose, getting milk-chocolate on the nose again! With warm cherries. Lots of spices – nutmeg, cinnamon & ginger. Some soft peat is still hanging in there with a drop of honey, rich fruitiness on the nose – caramel, chocolate, candied fruits, Soft-baked ginger biscuits and malted vanilla milkshakes. I’m getting apples, apple compote, rice pudding with cinnamon and dark chocolate , Certainly the sweetest so far this evening with plenty of crystallised ginger initially
  • Palate: Fresh, crisp apple and pear with a smattering of citrus rind, sweet ginger, pepper, tobacco, fruits, vanilla returns boldly with a toasted aspect very reminiscent of a fresh almond croissant , Salted lemons/lime pickle with a gentle smoke, Toffee, honey comb, pine apple, mango, apricots with creamy peat tones. Packed full of warmth and sweetness, with a lacing of peat smoke. Top marks!! Wow the palate delivers a cornucopia of delights, dark chocolate dominates, kirsch liqueur, bit of nutmeg in there too, triple wood palate; ginger, candied pineapple, buttered black pepper oaties, rowies with spice, some fudge, butterscotch, caramel, chocolate, red fruits and praliné on the palate

Tasting Notes Port Wood

  • Nose: Echoes of rubbed brass & strawberries. Chewy Refreshers sweets inc a sherbet centre. Walnuts & conkers. Cranberry jelly. Dark berries, stoned fruits & toasted cedar wood on the nose. Fudge, oranges, tobacco, raisin, cinnamon, red berries, rasp berries, strawberries covered with sugar, gettin some dark Chocolate with orange zests with hints of ginger and cinnamon, getting walnuts, raisins, berries and a fruity jet spicy touch which makes me think of rhubarb
  • Palate: nice oily texture, spice initially, pumpkin pasties, cinnamon, and smokey vimto! red berries, liquorice, pink peppercorns and a touch of rubber. In fact its all painted red. Rose water, red kola, Very fruity & creamy. It’s an M&S fruit triffle in a glass, some lovely almost mocha notes with orange candy and that creamy heathery peat smoke again , red berries, cinnamon, the standard distillery dry honey & slight charcoal on the tip of finish


Die Teilnehmer des Tastings findet Ihr ebenfalls alle bei Twitter mit Ihren Namen (meiner ist übrigens @MrSingleMalt):

@TheGreenWelly @raithrover @WhiskyDiscovery @MaltBox @seftonmedia @TheWhiskyKiwi @WhiskyCorner @WhiskyMattY @mike_mcgrail @MaltMad @TheFinestCut @AmateurDrammer @NeilMacKinnon1 @ocdwhisky @JohnnieStumbler @WhiskyFriends  @WhiskySpeller @PeterDoblmann @GraemeG_EWB @CooleyGBA @AlpacaJo

Danke Steve, Focus PR und natürlich Ardmore für dieses Tasting!