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Twitter Tasting: anCnoc #LightOnDark mit Marshmallow

Heute Abend hatte ich die Chance den neuen Peatheart zu probieren. Zusammen mit dem 12-jährigen und Marshmallows von „the marshmallowist“. Ich bin gespannt wer so alles dabei ist und vor allem der Einsatz einer Gel-Flamme ist für mich neu bei einem Tasting…. Licht an!

  • anCnoc, 12yo, 40%
  • anCnoc, Peatheart, 46%, 40ppm, Batch 1


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Tasting Notes

Wie immer gebe ich hier ein paar der Notes wieder, die von den Teilnehmern abgegeben wurden. Angefangen haben wir mit dem 12-jährigen. Nach ein paar Infos haben alle Ihre Kommentare zur „Nase“ (nose) und zum Geschmack (palate) abgegeben. Das ganze fand auf englisch statt und Ihr könnt nach dem folgenden Hashtag suchen, um alle „chats“ zu sehen: #LightOnDark

Am Ende haben wir dann die Gel-Brenner angemacht und die Coconut Marshmallows angefackelt. Ich habe mir auch noch einen Schluck vom Peatheart für den Marshmallow aufgehoben. Sehr leckere (aber klebrige) Kombination!



  • Delicate and floral, blossom,heather with honey, pear,apple peel,vanilla and light citrus notes..
  • has some green apples and pear notes mixed with soft flower notes….
  • clean and fresh. The palate delivers what the nose senses. And more. Some crystallised ginger and orange flesh. Danish
  • pastries with icing sugar. Yummy. One of my go to whiskies. Reliable and consistent.
  • slightly malty, with sweet tangerine notes and a hint of unripe grapes or a dry white wine.
  • agree on light and complex. a lot of citrus, malty, honey, a lot of fruit coming and going… changing a lot. Like that.
  • honeysuckle also on this 12 year old nose I find together with red crumbly apples…
  • developing with vanilla and icing sugar, definitely pears in their somewhere.
  • has some green apples and pear notes mixed with soft flower notes….
  • honeyed fruit and biscuit malt, light, sweet and fragrant
  • lots of honey and fresh cut grass, some orchard fruit notes.
  • Classic anCnoc note, a bit more weighty than you would expect, a tad serious but so beautifully balanced with the top chords of citrus. We love it, shamelessly.
  • My mom might love this, because I find Lily of the Valley as well and that is her favourite flower.
  • has green apple, honeysuckle, juicy lime and lemon meringue on the nose. Mostly the ex-bourbon casks talking I’d say
  • tastes of rich fruit with a honey citrus nose reminiscen


  • On the palate I always find green banana and a faint beer-like note (Belgian triple). Light spices, just a hint of mocha in the end. Very fresh.
  • A little more spice wraps itself round the sweetness. Lots of pear, apple pie and cinnamon with honey drizzled over, lemon meringue and caramel.
  • didn’t expect that. A lot of honey, heather but as well spices….
  • some lovely notes on the palate of the 12 year old of powdered sugar, apricots, vanilla and raisins….
  • Solid, more of a spring/summer whisky for me but always a great palate tester before any tasting
  • Watery in a good way. Slight of oak. A hint of peppermint and milk chocolate.
  • Like grape and orange peel in marmalade.
  • gives me a cookie-doughy hint, with tangerine peel and a touch of sweet vanilla. Quite spicy too, with hints of thyme and sage going round!
  • Sweet & Floral blossom honey vanilla cream, apple sauce, custard cream biscuits and crème brulee all with a generous
  • squeeze of fresh zesty lemon juice. makes me think of pancakes!
  • Some herbal notes almost mixing in with pink grapefruit and green apples on the 12 year old finish…



  • Clear peat, yet obvious pear and caramel…
  • Earthy and herbal with a good hint of smoke, like oak & juniper smoked, malty, biscuit, shortbread, savoury oatcakes with butter, vanilla ice cream drizzled with honey
  • A very nice peaty start and then some salty notes from smoked ham or bacon.
  • gentle smoke, hints of saltiness and smokes fish
  • the nose of the Peatheart offers me great flavours of heather and earthy notes….
  • smouldering heather fire right there. Very sweet peat. There’s some fresh citrus in the background hidden away. And a burning Cinnabon.
  • it has a fruity and flowery pettiness. Now I get some soft sweet liquorice…
  • An earthy and ashy peatyness on the nose. But i can still find the fruits and the flowers and grass hiding behind the peat.
  • underneath are notes of stewed pears (thanks @ansgarspeller) with vanilla custard
  • Apples and pears wrapped in an overcoat of smouldering wood, burnt sugars, lemon meringue and cinder toffee.
  • Christmas comes early! Getting chocolate on the palate as well as vanilla contrasted to a candied lemon peel bringing a slight zestiness on the tastebuds
  • On the nose of the @anCnoc_whisky Peatheart, I get a slight sulphur note on my first sniff, which diminishes into a fruity sweet and pleasantly smoky nose. Quite nice!
  • defiantly a more earthy, woody smell, but sweet to the taste I want to say like chocolate rather than honey like the last one
  • a lovely fruity peat rather than medicinal.. for 40ppm it is still very well balanced between smoke and fruit..
  • the nose of the peatheart also has some leather and cocoa powder notes mixing in with ginger and elderflower….
  • Get sweet smoke, earth and salty notes. Some wet paper? Changing to some spiciness. Nice!
  • very fruity nose, similar juiciness as the 12. Pears, lemon peel, hint of cotton candy. Something blossomy.
  • after a while the fruitiness takes more of a front step. A touch of pineapple amongst the embers
  • Yes, green apples as well…, coming through after quite a while. Now I believe it is time for a taste…
  • Leather and tobaco in the nose too. Some licorice as well. Hints of citrus and pears dancing around… lovely nose on this one for sure


  • oily, buttery even, then the spice hits you – makes your tongue curl! Then there is a slap in the face from the peat smoke – this is wonderful stuff!
  • spices, heather and toffee… Warming, good for a stormy day like today…
  • Leather first and clear. Then those tar pastilles from Finland. This is also the right kind of watery. Some pepper comes
  • through late in the palate and lingers on into the finish where the pepper mint says hello. Finish – Pear here as well.
  • Warm peat smoke alongside sweet lemon, apple and vanilla cake before it turns to drier, leathery notes and traces of chocolate
  • Zesty and malty, lemon pith with sugar and white pepper, moves into oak and peat smoked oatcakes, chilli & golden syrup
  • flapjacks, chocolate and tobacco leaf, heather & gorse (coconut) brush fire… yum!
  • Wait! There’s loads of fudge in this one. Like caramel and vanilla together. Really nice one!
  • shows me the fruity notes from the nose again clearly but now added layers of dark forrest fruits, cherries, vanilla pudding, chocolate and toffee…
  • Lots of spices and sweet raspberries and tarte tatin on this @anCnoc_whisky Peatheart. Not even that much smoke initially, but enough make itself known.
  • wow, a very gentle smoke but with power. Like the 46%! Perfect strength. Very fruity after a while. Vanilla. Chocolate. Tobacco. Sherry influence?
  • it’s like licking the inside of a charred barrel then eating fresh fruit salad with pear and apple and natural fruit syrup..
  • Drying with a lingering smoke and soft spices..
  • Smoky ashy earthy peat, and lots of it. Citrus comming through and pears. Leather and tobaco. Some grassy and flowerly notes in the background.
  • getting some rosehip roses and ginger on this palate of the Peatheart…
  • once you get past the smoke there are pears and vanilla again from the nose, some bitter chocolate and maybe a hint of coconut?
  • Peatheart has got many layers. Now that you only find in a really good whisky I’d say. And the finish stays for a looong time, that is also a great thing for a whisky.
  • A nice lengthy finish too on this @anCnoc_whisky Peatheart. Sweet cherries and a hint of the fresh ginger spiciness, getting along with the smoke.
  • another clean and fresh dram. Gently intense smoke, a touch of menthol (cigs), toasted pineapple, orange, sweetened lemon juice, white chocolate. A lovely oiliness on the tongue. Earthy, warming and heartfelt.


Der 12-jährige ist ein schöner Standard-Dram. Ein 12yo der ein wenig anders ist. Viel Lemon aber leicht und trotzdem komplex. Mir sind die 40% zu wenig, aber im Sommer oder für einen leichten Dram – mal etwas anderes. Richtig gut gefallen hat mir der Peatheart. Ich mag PEATY, habe ich das schon mal erwähnt? Der Torf ist anders. Nicht zu vergleichen mit den Islay-Torfmonstern. Aber mal etwas anders und sehr rund, sehr fruchtig hinter dem Rauch. Die 40ppm hätte ich nicht vermutet und mit 46% ist der schön knackig und genau meine Kragenweite.

Wer jetzt nach ein paar Impressionen zu der Distillery Knockdhu sucht: Knockdhu – ein ganz besonderes Highlight meiner Reise. Einen Besuch kann ich Euch nur dringend empfehlen! Es gibt zwar kein Visitor Center, aber meldet Euch und man führt Euch herum. Alle Beiträge und Tastings zu anCnoc findet Ihr hier: TAG: Knockdhu.

Vielen Dank an Knockdhu / anCnoc für dieses tolle Kit!