NdW - Neuerscheinungen der Woche

NdW 39|16: Wemyss, Yula und Omar

Diese Woche sind es zwar nicht so viele verschiedene Hersteller, aber doch ein paar interessante Ankündigungen. Allen voran Wemyss mit dem Single Cask Release „Autumn Harvest“ mit elf Single Malts und einem Grain. Die Trilogie des Yula wird mit einem 21yo weitergeführt. Und aus Taiwan kommt eine neue Marke OMAR mit zwei Abfüllungen ohne Altersangabe.

  • Wemyss Malts ‘Autumn Harvest’ Single Cask Whisky Release 2016
    • “Hickory Molasses Glaze”, 2001 (14YO), SC, Bunnahabhain, 236 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%
    • “Pear Crème”, 1998 (17YO), SC, Auchentoshan, 259 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%
    • “Ginger Glazed Gammon”, 1998 (18YO), SC, Mortlach, 306 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%
    • “Blossom Nectar”, 1997 (19YO), SC, Glenrothes, 325 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 50.8%
    • “Pomme Piquante”, 1995 (20YO), SC, Clynelish, 340 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%
    • “Oak for All Seasons”, 1994 (21YO), SC, Braes of Glenlivet, 225 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%
    • “Persian Anise”, 1992 (24YO), SC, Longmorn, 302 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%
    • “Frangipane Canapé”, 1990 (25YO), SC, Bladnoch, 222 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%
    • “Haven Trail”, 1990 (25YO), SC, Bunnahabhain, 236 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%
    • “Barbecue Mango Salsa”, 1989 (26YO), SC, Bowmore, 234 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%
    • “Cream of The Crop”, 1989 (26YO), SC, Glen Garioch, 261 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%
    • “Frosted Molasses Tart”, 1988 (27YO), SC, Invergordon Grain, 600 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%
  • Yula, Chapter #2, 21yo, 52.3%, CS, ncf, nca, 900 Flaschen (ca. 150 für DE), ca. 145.- EUR (125.- GBP)
  • OMAR, Bourbon Cask, 46%, ncf, UVP: 79,99 EUR
  • OMAR, Sherry Cask, 46%, ncf, UVP: 86,99 EUR

ncf = no chill-filtration (keine Kältefiltration), nca = no color added (ohne Zusatz von Zuckerkulör), CS = Cask Strength (Fassstärke)

Tasting Notes und weitere Infos

Wemyss – Bunnahabhain („Hickory Molasses Glaze“)

  • Colour: Old Copper
  • Nose: Intense, rich and powerful. A Barbecue glaze made from cola, sticky dates, molasses, cinnamon, cider vinegar and caramelised shallots. Orange studded cloves complete the meaty marinade.
  • Palate: Spicy and rich with charred meat edges. Amazingly complex as the flavours jump from tart plum sauce to savoury chargrilled cutlets. A Mouth-watering and unctuous Islay with only traces of smoke.
  • Finish: Sweet meat and hickory smoke prolongs the finish.

Wemyss – Auchentoshan (“Pear Crème”)

  • Colour: Buttercup
  • Nose: Bright and vibrant like a summer picnic in the grassy field. Victorian lemonade with pineapple chunks, pear créme tart and some sticky melted lemon drops from your pocket.
  • Palate: Tangy and intense. Sour plooms from a metal tin or possibly lemon sherbet. With water it mellows into peach barley cordial. The mouthfeel is tingly and bright. Hints of vanilla cream alongside mild wood spice.
  • Finish: Short but lively like a sucking on a boiled sweet.

Wemyss – Mortlach (“Ginger Glazed Gammon”)

  • Colour: Honey
  • Nose: A boozy rum baba dessert is scattered with cherries and crystallised ginger and swims in sticky orange syrup laced with smoky Moroccan spice mix.
  • Palate: A feast is served of gammon baked in a citrus glaze followed by moist carrot and gingerbread with baked spiced red apples and red currant jelly.
  • Finish: Tingling spices soften to a warm buttery mouthfeel, with soft, sweet fudge.

Wemyss – Glenrothes (“Blossom Nectar”)

  • Colour: Golden plum
  • Nose: The harvesters relax against freshly cut hay bales entwined with sunflowers and marigolds and graze on a luscious salad of peach, apricot and cranberry soaked in heather honey and washed down with milky coffee.
  • Palate: A toasted oat granola sticky with honey and caramel tops crystalised pineapple, poached pears, compliments cappuccino creme brulee and a tall glass of lemon barley water sprigged with mint.
  • Finish: A silky smooth syrupy mouthfeel with a delicate drying finish.

Wemyss – Clynelish (“Pomme Piquante”)

  • Colour: Late summer sun
  • Nose: A melange of sweetness bursts from the glass: creme Anglaise, vanilla ice cream melting on waffles, and a delicate posset of lime, elderflower and gooseberries, with a veil of expensive perfumed candle in the distance.
  • Palate: A crisply laundered linen table cloth displays freshly squeezed homemade lemonade, salty crusted pisco sours with sliced green apple, freshly picked gooseberries sprinkled with white pepper.
  • Finish: Crisp yet creamy, clean and salving with waves of ozone rolling over the palate.

Wemyss – Braes of Glenlivet (“Oak for All Seasons”)

  • Colour: Chardonnay
  • Nose: Imagine opening a rustling paper bag brimming with lemon and lime sherbet, orange fondant, bubble gum and white chocolate buttons before delving a spoon into melting honey on the comb.
  • Palate: A tart of ripe kumquat and papaya baked in a pastry case fresh from the oven sits atop a freshly planed bench yielding fresh shavings, clean balsa wood and old fashioned beeswax polish.
  • Finish: Lively oakiness tingles over the tongue before relaxing into luscious ice cream studded with caramel nuggets.

Wemyss – Longmorn (“Persian Anise”)

  • Colour: Set Honey
  • Nose: Incredibly soft and rounded like pears stewed in honey then spiced with cloves, fennel and anise. Fragrant sandalwood aromas, perhaps an ornate box used to hold the spices. Floral as well with honeysuckle and jasmine.
  • Palate: Ginger biscuits and millionaire shortcake accompany our stewed and spiced pears. Soft and smooth on the palate this is a very moreish dram. With water orange toffee and sugar coated almonds can also be discovered.
  • Finish: Take your time with this soft yet flavourful dram and it should last all night.

Wemyss – Bladnoch (“Frangipane Canapé”)

  • Colour: Deep gold
  • Nose: A bower of fragrant orange blossom surrounds a basket yielding peach and strawberry tart layered with marzipan and custard cream, and white chocolate and coconut ice cream sprinkled with flaked almonds.
  • Palate: A couli of white peach, apricot and Mirabelle plum is presented with delicate oat biscuits flavoured with ginger, golden sultana and orange zest and served alongside golden syrup scented with anise.
  • Finish: Dense fruitiness and delicate nutty pastries in the fore with a gentle dry afterglow.

Wemyss – Bunnahabhain (“Haven Trail”)

  • Colour: Autumn sunset
  • Nose: After an initial burst of toffee apple, wilder notes of rain battered moorland and autumn leaf begin to build. We imagine slipping over an old wax jacket, vaulting a rickety wooden fence and trailing to a sheltered bay.
  • Palate: Herbal green tea with an elegant wood spice mouthfeel. It is a touch briny as well. Once reduced it evokes salted porridge oats with a spoonful of honey.
  • Finish: Cooling menthol finish although stacks of cut, damp peats linger for a time.

Wemyss – Bowmore (“Barbecue Mango Salsa”)

  • Colour: Old gold
  • Nose: Transport yourself to an old fashioned apothecary store: shelves lines with herbal tinctures, scented lint and potpourri with charred wood and delicate smoke drifting through the open door.
  • Palate: Brine smoked embers smoulder from the grill coating mackerel, shellfish and blackening the skins of mango and red pepper flecked with freshly torn mint leaves.
  • Finish: Warm and salty with some chalkiness before long and lingering smoke echoes into the distance.

Wemyss – Glen Garioch (“Cream of The Crop”)

  • Colour: Polished brass
  • Nose: In a polished copper pot simmers apples, pears and a medley of cherries and cranberries in preparation for a juicy crumble topped with oats and raisins, served against a backdrop of musky perfumed willow.
  • Palate: The flavours of freshly sawn wood mingles with seared steak and roasted cherry tomatoes from the grill, and then gingers nuts, brandy snaps and cinnamon fudge emerge.
  • Finish: A textured meaty mouthful followed by chewy toffee with lightly spiced cider cup in the finale.

Wemyss – Invergordon Grain (“Frosted Molasses Tart”)

  • Colour: Polished copper
  • Nose: Warmly baked banana is smothered in treacle toffee sauce and topped with crumbled macaroon and chunks of liquorice. A vase of late summer flowers sits aside a plate of toast spread with runny honey and lemon syrup.
  • Palate: An exotic cedar platter is laden with sliced papaya laced with fresh ginger, rose paprika, pink peppercorns and toasted nuts, and served with zesty orange marmalade sponge pudding.
  • Finish:  A toasted woody heat is viscous and velvet with coating nutty oiliness in the finale.

Yula Chapter #2

Die erste Abfüllung des Yula gab es letztes Jahr (Douglas Laing: Yula 20 Jahre – Islay Blended Malt). In der Zwischenzeit durfte der Blended Malt (Mischung verschiedener Single Malts OHNE Grain Whisky) ein Jahr weiter reifen.

Douglas Laing’s Marketing Manager, Jenny Rogerson, kommentiert die neue Abfüllung: “The Yula trilogy has already been a fascinating exercise for us here at Douglas Laing, as we lovingly monitor the subtle changes in the spirit over the past year, since releasing Chapter 1. The angels’ share has seen the alcohol strength drop only a tiny amount, from 52.6% to 52.3% over 12 months, and Fred, together with our tasting panel has cited a sweeter, gristier note compared to Yula 20 Years Old. We can’t wait to hear consumers’ comments on this new release, which is already proving desirable for collectors.

  • Nose: On the nose, catch an ozone clean style and sea spray with a later drift of gentle peat.
  • Palate: The palate carries a real sweet, butterscotch’d quality ahead of a gristy, charred wood, BBQ, ash and softly-sooted character.
  • Finish: Those tones are all as apparent on the finish, plus burnt, sweet toast, herbal cough-drops and the gentlest of phenols.


Den europaweiten Vertrieb der taiwanesischen Whiskys von OMAR hat die französische Firma „Les Whiskies du Monde“ übernommen. Für den deutschen Markt erfolgt der Vertrieb von OMAR Single Malt Whisky über den Generalimporteur Bremer Spirituosen Contor (BSC).

Die Marke Omar stammt von der taiwanesischen Nantou Distillery. Aus der Pressemitteilung des BSC: „Gelegen in einer Bergregion in Nantou County mit bis zu 3.000 Metern Höhe gehört die Nantou Distillery zur Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation (TTL) Gruppe. Im Jahr 2008 eröffnet wird die Destillerie, die heute von dem Direktor Mr Pan geführt wird. Die umliegenden Seen und Flüsse liefern das frische Quellwasser für Whisky. Das subtropische Klima ist feucht-heiß mit trockenen Wintern. Durch die durchschnittliche Temperatur von 19,9 Grad Celsius reift der Whisky schneller bei einem hohen Anteil an Angel’s Share.


  • Nase: Erfrischend und komplex – weiße Blüten, Vanille, Honig, malziges Getreide, Zedernholz.
  • Geschmack: Mittlerer Körper mit einem samtigen Abgang.
  • Finish: Langanhaltend – Vanille, Milch Toffee, frische Mandarinen.


  • Nase: Intensiv – blumig, frische gekochte Marmelade, dunkle Schokolade, salzig.
  • Geschmack: Voller Körper und weich – Hauch von Rauchnoten, Karamell.
  • Finish: Langanhaltend – getrocknete Früchte, Aromen von Orangenkuchen