Twitter Tasting: The Irishman und Writers‘ Tears #WalshWhiskey

Am 6. Dezember war es wieder soweit: ein Tweet Tasting mit The Whisky Wire. Dieses Mal geht es um irischen Whiskey von Walsh. Zwei Mal The Irishmann und zwei Mal Writers Tears.

  • Writers‘ Tears, Copper Pot, Blended Malt, 40%, 38.- GBP
  • The Irishmann, Vintage Cask Strength 2017, 3.510 Flaschen, 103.- GBP
  • Writers‘ Tears, Red Head, Blended Malt, 46%, 42.- GBP
  • The Irishmann, Founder’s Reserve, Marsala Cask Finish, 66.- GBP


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Steve Rush von The Whisky Wire hat durch das Tasting geführt und uns alle an der Diskussion beteiligt. Angefangen bei der Nase und schließlich weiter zum Geschmack. Die Konversation war auf englisch und ich habe Euch wieder einige Notes „mitgeschnitten“. Wer das nachlesen möchte, kann auf Twitter nach dem Hashtag #WalshWhiskey suchen.

Tasting Notes

WT Copper Pot

Offizielle Notes:

  • Nose: Flashes of apple with hints of vanilla and honey over a distinctively pot still base.
  • Taste: Gently spiced with a burst of ginger and butterscotch with background notes of toasted oak.
  • Finish: Long elegant finish with subtle notes of milk chocolate and almonds.

Panel – Nose:

  • old fashioned bubblegum. Tropical fruits. Powdered sugar. Gentle sweet cinnamon. Spicy dry oak.
  • Apple is obvious, but as well some honey, fresh fruits
  • sweet, soft, light, wood and oak spice, vanilla, wee orange peel, tropical fruits and apple too
  • A basket full of red fruit, strawberries, cherry, almonds, citrus, cinnamon, green apples in a bowl with caramel and sweet pears.
  • Pot still element brings gentle cream with slight touches of spice and biscuit
  • vanilla and tropical fruit
  • It’s a Sensory Seduction on the nose: floral, light and attractive with the lingering whiff of seductive spices
  • Flicker of vanilla with fresh soft autumnal fruit
  • Clean and crisp with a little citrus lurking in there, maybe in the form of light orange
  • oooodles of fresh fruits.. Prar, apples, apricot and sweet honey with orange peel and dried hay..
  • has quite a sour leading edge to the nose; little bit of apple crumble and dare I say it, copper coins held for too long in a warm palm. Thick, fast legs.
  • barley, nuts, cinnamon, all very fresh and light, honey sweetness as well, a little spice in the back, bit grassy/hay-ish
  • Oodles of vanilla and spiced infused baked apples on the nose.
  • fruit fading in favour of honey and caramel. A touch of chocolate. Gum in the background now. Very pleasant easy sniffer.
  • agreeing with the woody influence, bahs of vanilla, tropical fruit and some baked apples. Hint of a little cinnamon or ginger?
  • Baked apple and ginger on the nose. Very welcome this blustery evening in the West of Ireland!
  • honey and caramel developing more now. Loving the spices.

Panel Palate:

  • opens sweet and creamy with butter cream frosting and some honeysuckle florals, then immediately a little citrus bite: lemon and tangerine. Cleansing tannin at mid-palate and a smooth gentle finish with porridge and herbs.
  • sweet and rich on the honey and sugary decadence. Easy drinking. Very easy drinking. 
  • I’ll add some green notes (tea leaves on the background), and a creamy soft custard on top of an unsugared apple pie
  • as it opens I am getting hints of rose and a little oil against a sweet creamy background of custard multi-layered
  • barley sugar, smooth and sweet balanced by a hint of spice, citrus lemon and oak
  • There’s a very fine note of rusty iron in the Writer’s Tears (someone else said copper pennies – that.)
  • Sweet with malt and gentle with it’s spice. More of the sweet fruits, honeyed fruits and more fresh orange.
  • vanilla, honey sweetness, apple, wood, modest spice, more ginger than the nose predicted though, cinnamon, very floral as well, smooth and pleasant overall
  • sweet and creamy. Vanilla rich. Some spicy oak. Honey and dry treacle. Nice oiliness to the mouthfeel.
  • smooth and slightly oily, quite sweet initially, then fruity and a lovely spice at he end. Quite a long spicy finish,

IM Cask Strength

Limited unique vatting of Single Pot Still & Single Malt Irish Whiskeys. Matured in first fill Bourbon casks.

Offizielle Notes:

  • Nose: Complex notes of woody spices combining with summer fruits
  • Taste: Subtle hints of toasted almonds and bourbon oak, followed by elegant tones of dried fruit and raisins.
  • Finish: An intense finish bursting with depth and flavour.

Panel – Nose:

  • amazed by the vine fruits on the first nosing but they quickly disappear. Hang on – because this reminds me of the velvet in my trumpet case!
  • initially closed. Quite dry. Treacle. Dry fruits. Apple. Polish. Some solid oak furniture in a stately home. It feels older after a few minutes to breath.
  • nose to me is pure summer honeysuckle – could drift away on this.
  • Oh I like this one, this is almost like a virgin cask, definite hints of green wood sap
  • dry, oaky, with a note of green and yellow apples
  • warm, creamy, custard-pudding and also tropical, pineapple, raisins, mango, papaya and a complexity of lemon and lime.
  • Oak, Toffee, old leather. No indication of the 54% ABV
  • Overripe green apple along with some green banana. Slowly but surely the vanilla cream cuts through the fruit and wood notes.
  • Powerful,then quickly softer, oily, on red fruit, then wax, sweet & sour Chinese sauce, moving to light green wood yes, and linen oil …intrigued how the palate will be…
  • time makes the world of difference. Some fruit, stewed apple and a touch of the tropics. Gentle sweet vanilla and cinnamon, almost pastry like. A deep honey overcoat covering the lot.
  • Caramel rolls into cinnamon, root ginger with a little bonfire toffee.. Baked apples and even a little dried fruit.. soft oak and vanilla round it off
  • Well, it’s punchy, obviously but there’s more a fruity assault here – I’m thinking more like currant buns and toasted tea cakes rather than fresh fruit

Panel – Palate:

  • rich, chocolate-y or caramel custard. It’s a bit hot for me – might add
  • Amazed that my first ‘Experience’ of that finished quite quickly – better have a second sip! Much more balanced: rich, deep but with a fresh oak and spice finish which does stay around and make the mouth water! Oh yes!
  • gives a bit hit of spice, don’t really get the strength very much. Smooth slightly oily, very drying with hints of the apple from the nose. Some vanilla on the tongue with oak.
  • O wow.. that spice intensifies as soon as it hits the palate.. The oak is strong in this one !! Then you get candied orange, cooking apples, burnt sugar and a little vanilla but it’s all about the oak spice for me..
  • lots of spice – pepper and ginger, orange zest lots of toasted barrels, vanilla, creamy caramel and oak great balance throughout rich and tasty
  • the strength is here. Getting smoother. Spicy and oak. Quite complex. Some fruits. Very nice!
  • spicy malt, oily, little bitter/sweet, wealthy in fruits, holding on to it a little gives very nice spice tickle on the tongue :-)
  • I’m loving the intensity at 54% abv. A gentle dry nose heavy on oak belies the explosive and effusive palate. Opens on
  • Turkish Delight powdered fruit gels, with creamy frosting then explodes into spicy cinnamon heat and brisk tannins
  • Ok its a bit different than on nose, I get an oily & fruity profile, with some red fruit but also red apples, some silky sensation as well as sweet spices, gonna try it with a few drops of water…
  • Deep orange, red apple, black pepper, and serious oak spice coming through towards the end. That is pretty goddamn awesome.
  • near the end the ABV is kicking in more as well, not smuthering flavours though, still getting, leaving a dry mouthfeel, the cheesy taste some get is beyond me I’m afraid …
  • lots of spice – pepper and ginger, orange zest lots of toasted barrels, vanilla, creamy caramel and oak great balance
  • throughout rich and tasty
  • ooh now that’s a mouth full but that’s nice. Delicious rich fruit and the spice balance so nicely. Feels a bit oily on the palate.
  • Lovely oak flavours again. Definitely feels smooth.
  • A little water softens the spice down to allow the fruit to come through, almost like fruit juices, „Five Alive“, also releases a little bit of dusty wood towards the finish.
  • O wow.. that spice intensifies as soon as it hits the palate.. The oak is strong in this one !! Then you get candied orange, cooking apples, burnt sugar and a little vanilla but it’s all about the oak spice for me..

WT Red Head

Offizielle Notes:

  • Nose: orange peel, dried fruits and sherry plums.
  • Taste: Nutty oloroso, Spicy Raisins and creamy oak.
  • Finish: Long and wonderfully complex with a flourish of orange. An unhurried journey.

Panel – Nose:

  • this is sherried right? Getting dry fruit, raisins, vanilla, oak spice, nuts, malts here … Lovely redhead ;-)
  • nutty. But feels quite closed. Some spicy dried raisin. Clove and burnt cinnamon stick.
  • cask char. A touch of herbal. Pine? Rosemary? Spicy sweetness in the background.
  • soft on the nose, red fruit, peach, honey, sherry, sea breeze, peanuts, cinnamon, pepper, sage, lavender, hairspray ( in a good way) and blue berries in fresh yogurt covered with flower honey.
  • beautiful nose on dried roses, Darjeeling tea, and distant cinnamon stick. Gentle but beautiful and slightly exotic.
  • Really a treat already one the nose, impressed by its classy balance, red fruit (more sherry in there+it’s a SM this time), long
  • time cooked apples & pears (grandma’s recipy), all spices (but not strong), rich toffee & cider?
  • soft on the nose, red fruit, peach, honey, sherry, sea breeze, peanuts, cinnamon, pepper, sage, lavender, hairspray ( in a good way) and blue berries in fresh yogurt covered with flower honey.
  • Ripe red apple, nutmeg, light dried fruit, stewed orange, only a small hint of cream and gentle spice, definitely sweet to begin with beautiful nose on dried roses, Darjeeling tea, and distant cinnamon stick. Gentle but beautiful and slightly exotic.
  • bit holding back it seems, opening slowly to me after the sherry notes, slowly getting a bit of orange and cinnamon now …
  • summer leaf and wood notes stewed fruit turning to soft cinnamon

Panel – Palate:

  • all @WalshWhiskey ’s seem to have had a drying leathery note in the back, fond of that actually, good balance with a sweet touch
  • The roses, tea, and soft dry cinnamon from the nose carry into the palate. Sweet w/ floral roses, red fruits, dried figs, & creme broulee on the opening. Hatbox oak w/clove heat on the turn & a long finish on spice & faint rose perfume
  • get the lemon as well, but more brown sugar, vanilla, some fruits. Oranges. Not a „usual“ sherry finished. A fresh influence (is this the icing sugar back?)
  • oloroso definitely, typical sherry notes (raisins, dry fruits, nuts), little spice, modest honey sweetness, some herbal hints as well
  • Haha it’s getting sexy….silky as the most soft stockings on a beautiful woman, stayin‘ very natural all the way….ok back in whisky terms, the sherry is perfectly integrated (hate too winey profiles)
  • Red apple, red fruit, stewed strawberry, dried fruit, dusty wood and more black pepper
  • thick rich and sweet. Stewed Apple. Gentle fruitcake. Cherry. Christmas spices. Lovely balance. Adding a drop of water.
  • very smooth and buttery with a hint of honey, lots of spice with citrus fruit on the tongue. A little hint of nut chewing away in the background!
  • I’m feeling my fellow tweet taster’s notes. Lemongrass is the exotic note with the roses and cinnamon. Sweet and dry in balance. Yet clearly Irish #whiskey with a sweet & gentle softness and quaffability. Complexity yet gentle & clean
  • struggling a little with this one.. a little thin and bitter for me.. A real shame as I love my sherried Drams.. I need to re visit this..
  • Red apple, red fruit, stewed strawberry, dried fruit, dusty wood and more black pepper
  • +H20 – dustier and sweeter sugars. Fruit and nut chocolate bar. Cherry menthol. Tunes. Fulfilling complexity. Hmmmm.
  • is like a swan – elegance & beauty above the water w undercurrents of spice gardens & tropical rain forests. 2nd sip is more balanced but so intriguing with the spice dominating. What would this be like w more or less time in the Oloroso butts?
  • It’s like a classic sherried whiskey but with all the fruits upfront and letting the wood take the backseat – the malt/grist only makes itself known at the end of the journey – locked in the boot in this car analogy
  • opens into dark chocolate and burn mandarin orange notes joining the first flush Darjeeling and roses. Spicy, off-dry, and sophisticated. 46% is right with this one. Enough oomph but still gentle and easy.

IM Marsala

Offizielle Notes:

  • Nose: Flashes of sweet Marsala wine compliment zesty spice, vanilla and summer fruits
  • Taste: Delicious malty aromas and hints of red berries give way to floral notes and bourbon oak
  • Finish: A touch of hazelnut and sugary nougat infused with deep oak spices result in a stunning finish, reminiscent of an Italian summer.

Panel – Nose:

  • the Marsala doesn’t really strike me at the nose at first, getting some sweetness, apple, some white pepper even, grains
  • Zingy lemon, fresh orange, nice creamy background, gentle wood spice and fresh red apple
  • hints of peach, apricot, the plum, floral notes, red berries, spicy, nougat and hints of cherry. Flashback to the summer period
  • sweet red berry jam. Clove. Cherry. Spiced honey. Chocolate. Rich plum pudding with thick toffee sauce.
  • beautiful golden colour, slow legs in the glass. Initial nose gives the red wine hints but also red fruit!
  • Big nose of stewed peach, rancio, noble rot, burdock, ambergris – musky animal perfume, and apricot cream. Wow!
  • O hello.. Plum and dates with a real toffee sweetness that pulls you in and whispers.. “Take me”
  • slowly opening up, some light peaches now, no overly sweetness once more (like that), light and fresh overall to me … little dusty in the back it seems
  • Hmnnn, I’m not quite sure I get this one yet. The nose seems somehow savoury to me
  • perfect balance of fruit and spice. Nutmeg topped custard tarts. Cranberry sauce. It’s got a whole lot going on. Excellent.
  • haha good impressions of a winner in terms of balance, sure the Marsala influence is obvious, but it stays an Irish whiskey it seems (fruity, spicy, sweet)!
  • ripe fruits, malts, oak, caramel, wee floral, shy spice, indeed some Marsala hints now, not dominating though, just softly present
  • opens on sweet wild herbal honey, pan seared caramelized stone fruits, tea, then drying tannin, salt, and golden berries (a South American tart tomatillo). Then a long unexpectedly dry finish on burnt citrus, and old oak. Sophisticated.

Panel – Palate:

  • Very good…Marsala is there but Irish spirit as well, love it’s complex fruitiness, slightly waxy & vanilla on second ground, then soft spices on top, it’s a killer ! (on the wishlist as well, my friends!) Love it!
  • extra depth with fondant chocolate, sticky spice on the tongue lingering on, little drying edge again
  • hmmmmmm. Very luscious berry compot. Lots of spicy vanilla custard. Some fruitcake and nuts. Spicy sherry without the sherry cask!
  • Again, a perfect balance of sweet and spice, cracked pepper, sweet red apple, clove, Terry’s chocolate orange
  • Orange is back. A little bit Fanta style. Lots of caramel and creme brûlée (agreed @cyrilbriscoe). Still Irish is present. Some oaky notes at the finish. Spicy.
  • Tasty warm finish on this one and the Marsala cask has delivered a pretty lip smacking ending
  • Marsala finish is unusual but meshes perfectly w/ the sweet creamy citrus qualities of the Irishman distillate. Opens sweet but finishes dry. Unusual musky, stone fruit and citrus pith flavors along w/ drying tannin &herbal complexity.
  • immensely sweet red fruit basket of strawberry, red currant, blackberrys with a creamy custard top coat. Delicious. Very fruity. Love it.
  • Dates, plums, candied orange, chocolate, wild berries, roasted almonds, gently spiced with a lingering finish..
  • Sweet wine, spice, vanilla, hints of sherry, ginger, sticky, bubblegum, warm, citrus, lemon peel, flower honey, sweetness and salty on the lips
  • red fruit and spices. nicely rounded ginger and orange, smooth caramel a hint of Cadburys cream egg layer upon layer of discovery such subtle complexity
  • Palate is thick, oily, syrupy-sweet. Flavours of allspice, orange barley sweets, maybe some apples. Very Fine


Die beiden Writers‘ Tears habe ich bereits (ebenfalls als Tweet Tasting) probiert: Tweet Tasting: Twitter #WalshWhiskey mit WhiskyWire. Ich bin bei Irischem Whiskey immer ein wenig zurückhaltend, da mir Scotch Single Malt mehr liegt. Alle vier haben mir aber gefallen. Am Besten der Cask Strength gefolgt vom Marsala.

Vielen Dank an Walsh Whiskey und Steve für dieses Tasting!