NdW - Neuerscheinungen der Woche

NdW 12|18: Brisbane, DL Coastal Collection, Nectar Grove, Linkwood 60yo, Hunter Laing, Nose Art, Lindores

Bereits letzte Woche wurde ein neues Fusion-Projekt angekündigt: Brisbane. Eine Mischung aus schottischem und australischem Whisky. Douglas Laing hat eine neue Reihe angekündigt: die Coastal Collection und startet mit dem ersten der vier Abfüllungen: einem Bunnahabhain. Wemyss bringt mit dem Nectar Grove einen Blended Malt mit einem Madeira Finish auf den Markt. Gordon & MacPhail setzt die Private Collection mit einem 60-jährigen Linkwood fort – ca. 25.000.- EUR pro Dekanter! Hunter Laing kündigt das April Release an. Von Whisky Doris gibt es zum 15-jährigen Jubiläum gleich drei Nose Art Abfüllungen. Und zu guter Letzt hat Lindores mit dem Verkauf eines Malt Spirits mit Kräutern und Gewürzen begonnen.

  • The Brisbane, 5yo, Scotch & Australien Malt Whisky, 57.5%, 932 Flaschen, 150.- GBP
  • DL, Bunnahabhain, 10yo, Provenance, “The Coastal Collection”, 383 Flaschen, 48%, ncf, nca
  • Wemyss, Nectar Grove, Blended Malt, Madeira Finish, 46%, 9.000 Fl., ncf, nca, 43.95 GBP (ca. 50.- EUR)
  • G&M, Linkwood, Private Collection, 1956, 60yo, 53 Dekanter, 22.000.- GBP (ca. 25.000.- EUR)
  • Hunter Laing, April Abfüllungen, ncf, nca – OMC = Old Malt Cask (ca. 74 – 120.- EUR), OR = Old & Rare
    • OMC, Auchroisk 2003, 15 YO 50%
    • OMC, Ben Nevis 1996, 21 YO 50%
    • OMC, Ben Nevis 2001, 16 YO 50%
    • OMC, Benrinnes 1997, 19 YO 50%
    • OMC, Blair Athol 1995, 22 YO 50%
    • OMC, Dufftown 1995, 18 YO 50%
    • OMC, Glenburgie 1999, 18 YO 50%
    • OMC, Inchgower 1995, 21 YO 50%
    • OMC, Miltonduff 1995, 21 YO 50%
    • OMC, Speyburn 2005, 12 YO 50%
    • OMC, Tamdhu 1999, 18 YO 50%
    • OR, Glenburgie 1980, 36 YO 47,4%, ca. 470.- EUR
  • Whisky Doris – Nose Art – Jubiläums Abfüllungen:
    • Single Islay Malt 2011 Nose Art, 15th Anniverary Edition, Sherry Hogshead, 51.5%, 75.- EUR
    • Single Speyside Malt 1993 Nose Art, 15th Anniverary Edition, Bourbon Hogshead, 50.5%, 130.- EUR
    • Single Lowland Grain 1964 Nose Art, 15th Anniversary Edition, Bourbon Barrel, 48.9%, 330.- EUR
  • Lindores, Malt Spirit, 40%, 40.- GBP

ncf = no chill-filtration (keine Kältefiltration), nca = no color added (ohne Zusatz von Zuckerkulör)

Weitere Informationen und Tasting Notes


Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Made with two Spanish oak ex-sherry hogsheads distilled at Glen Garioch, Highland; part of an ex-sherry butt distilled at Glen Grant, Speyside; and three ex-Apera casks distilled at Starward Distillery, Melbourne. …The whisky was launched at the weekend in Australia during the Whisky & Dreams festival at Starward Distillery, in Melbourne. The Brisbane launch was headed by Alex Bruce of Fife-based Adelphi and David Vitale of Starward Distillery, which supplied the Australian whisky for the blend. Acclaimed whisky writers Dave Broom and Charles MacLean were also there to sample the pioneering dram. ‚We believe never before has someone taken Scotch and paired it with Australian whisky to create something as wonderfully unique and compelling as The Brisbane,‘ said Adelphi’s managing director and master blender Mr Bruce.

Offizielle Tasting Notes

  • Colour: Mahogany with amber lights.
  • Nose: initially nose drying, with freshly baked croissants topped with butterscotch sauce, pecan pie, ginger, runny honey, chocolate éclairs and banoffee.
  • Taste: Chocolate éclairs in the taste with stone fruits in the development:  ripe plum, apricot and tinned prune juice.
  • Finish: Sweet overall in the finish; creamy mouthfeel, bitter chocolate and more toffee to finish.

Eine Besonderheit ist, dass dies nun der erste Whisky ist, der die Blockchain Technologie nutzt. Auch für den Spirit Drink hat Adelphi diese Technologie bereits eingesetzt.


In der Pressemitteilung werden auch die weiteren drei Abfüllungen der Serie verraten: „The Coastal Collection launches alongside a raft of other Provenance Single Casks released by the family firm this quarter. Representing the Highland Region, a Glengoyne 10 Years Old is said to be “packed with Springtime charm”, with tasting notes including sweet brioche, lemon meringue pie and buttered toast. From Islay, a Caol Ila Single Cask aged 6 Years Old, proclaims “seaweed, peaches, peppery spice and crisp peat”. From Speyside, a Balmenach 10 Years Old is described as “wonderfully mocha in style”, with ginger, nutmeg and vanilla.

Offizielle Tasting Notes

Cara Laing, Director of Whisky at Douglas Laing & Co, beschreibt ihn so: “The first release, distilled at Islay’s Bunnahabhain Distillery, displays a salty, smoky and spicy character – the epitome of what we believe a Maritime Malt should be!

Nectar Grove

Aus der Pressemitteilung: „In keeping with other releases from Wemyss Malts, such as The Hive, Spice King and Peat Chimney; this new whisky has been given a flavour led name by the Wemyss tasting panel which reflects its succulent and luscious fruit character.

Offizielle Tasting Notes

In Wemyss’ first foray into finishing, the Highland blended malt has been imbued with the fruity and complex sweet flavours of Madeira wine and reminiscent of a ripe fruit grove of peaches, nectarines and citrus.  The finish is of gentle oak spice, sweet pastries and juicy stone fruits. This fruity and fragrant malt whisky is ideally suited for enjoying during warm summertime’s and can be used to make a refreshing whisky cobbler cocktail.


Den werden wohl nicht viele probieren können. Ich gehöre jedenfalls nicht dazu. Aus der Pressemitteilung: „This is the last 1950s cask from Linkwood Distillery in Gordon & MacPhail’s unrivalled inventory; it is believed to be the final remaining 1950s cask globally. Filled at the Linkwood Distillery on the 3rd January 1956, Cask 20 is from a defining period in the company’s history. It was one of the last casks laid down by John Urquhart, first generation member of the family that owns Gordon & MacPhail, before he retired the following month. Cask 20 matured for six decades under the watchful eyes of John’s son, George, and subsequent generations until the decision to bottle was made by the fourth generation of the Urquhart family.

Offizielle Tasting Notes

Mahogany and chestnut brown in colour, Private Collection from Linkwood Distillery 1956 by Gordon & MacPhail is an intricately layered whisky. Rich, warm aromas lend to a sweet full-bodied experience with highlights of blueberry, fruitcake, and dark chocolate. This ultra-aged single malt, a testament to the knowledge and expertise curated over four generations, culminates in a resoundingly rich finish.


Von der Lindores Abbey Distillery gibt es zwar noch keinen Whisky, aber auf im Online-Webshop gibt es jetzt einen Malt Spirit zu kaufen: „The first release from this historic site in Fife, Scotland, is a tribute to the origins of Scotch as we know it today – the earliest ‘aqua vitae’ that was made at Lindores Abbey as long ago as 1494. Distilled in pot stills, our malt spirit is then infused with a blend of spices and herbs, including cleavers, lemon verbena and sweet cicely, which all grow in our gardens, amidst the grounds of the ancient Abbey. Entirely natural, with no added sugars.  Serve over ice with a twist of orange.