Twitter Tasting: die neue Balblair Range #BalblairWhisky

Mein letztes Twitter Tasting liegt schon ein wenig zurück. Balblair hat mich eingeladen an einem Tasting der neuen Produkt Range teilzunehmen. Und dafür haben Sie mir ein Set mit 12-, 15-, 17- und 18-jährigem geschickt. Hier findest Du die Eindrücke aller Teilnehmer.

Das Twitter Tasting fand am 15.05.19 statt, aber Du kannst das auf Twitter nachlesen. Hier findest Du eine kleine Zusammenfassung.

Die Whiskies

  • 12yo, 46%, ca. 45.- EUR
  • 15yo, 46%, ca. 75.- EUR
  • 17yo, 46%, Travel Retail, ca. 115.- EUR
  • 18yo, 46%, ca. 135.- EUR

Ich habe diese im NdW 13|19 vorgestellt.

Die Teilnehmer

Die Teilnehmer findet Ihr mit ihren Twitter-Aliasnamen: @Whisky_And1, @EdinburghWhisky, @MaltBox, @WhiskyGospel, @dvdbloke, @yoavgel, @ocdwhisky, @TomsWhisky und @MrSingleMalt

Die Meinungen

Da dies ein englisch-sprachiges Twitter Tasting war, hier auch die Auszüge in englisch.


In American oak ex-bourbon and double fired American oak casks

— NOSE —

  • There’s a fine balance of fruit, spice and sweetness to this whisky. On the nose we find bright lemon peel layered with creamy vanilla and crisp apples.
  • First impressions on the nose: reminds me of the old 2000 and the 2003 vintages (both of which which I really enjoyed)
  • It’s uber creamy. That’s the first thing I noticed!
  • I get a lot of apples, spices and it is very gentle.
  • Waxy citrus peels, vanilla Angel Delight, Edinburgh Rock, candyfloss, fresh sawdust and a some peach and mango.
  • is very fruity with plenty of fresh apple peels, pear, soft citrus peels and floral..
  • soft, sweet and very very creamy. Malty with brioche and buttery croissant, vanilla, pears, apples and a bit of lemon peels marmalade
  • fresh and crisp. Lots of apples and pears, some cinnamon and ginger. Cereal malty notes amongst all that. Like having apple pie filling in your porridge. Solid breakfast whisky feel to the nose.
  • there is quite some lemon zest as well and vanilla in the background
  • intense fruit lemon, apples and orange peel, digestive biscuit.
  • Sea spray/Ozone, bourbon vanilla extract, limoncello, cooked apple sprinkled with cinnamon
  • after a minute or two it’s less creamy but more well defined flavors (instead of a mix) and getting spices now. especially gentle white pepper


  • spice; peppery, ginger and cinnamon. Fruity; oranges, pears and vanilla, heather honey and cedar note, maybe Turkish delight
  • green apples! lots of apples! Also some reddish hue apples, vanilla, white pepper and oak spice, malt, subtle bitter almonds. A bit dry and surprising after the creamy rich nose!
  • White grapes, apple skins, pears, white candy sticks (the ones you used to pretend were cigarettes!), lemon zest & root ginger. Some barley water and green banana too.
  • Spice, double cream, nutmeg, golden syrup over hot porridge
  • a very creamy, buttery consistency in the mouthfeel. Gentle cooked apple, some pepper and ginger. Lots of sweetness, runny honey? Sugar syrup? Hints of lemon amongst all of that.
  • I’m surprised by the pepper and spiciness. Then it gets more fruits. Orange. And some more sweetness.
  • finish has lingering green apples peels/skins, vanilla and stronger and lingering oak spice with peppery edge. Strong resemblance (for me) with the 03 and 05 vintages
  • Again very floral with a real twist of soft spices and citrus notes..
  • Light fruits, orchard fruit elements there but very wishy washy, more light melon and gentle kiwi, a hint of ginger/pepper spice on the tip of the tongue, touches of citrus hiding in the background.
  • continues to be very sip-able indeed. Solid whisky whisky, if you know what i mean. Definitely a suitable breakfast dram (starter dram for any session/tasting). Some thicker sugars coming through in time, a hint of butterscotch/fudge


As with all of our whiskies, our 15 Years Old is non chill-filtered and natural colour. This round and velvety single malt is bright amber in appearance

— NOSE —

  • manuka honey, cinder toffee, red currants, Cadbury Fruit & Nut chocolate, some stewed apples and plums.
  • Nose is less creamy, guess the sherry finish must have mitigate some of it but it’s still soft with sweet fruit marmalade, dried papaya, sweet sour fruitiness and milk chocolate. Very enticing nose!
  • now it is getting more complex. Dark fruits, plums, papaya and chocolate. Very nice and again gentle.
  • Orange zest in an old oak chest, crystallised ginger chunks and a slice of tarte au citron with a thin drizzle of molasses
  • syrup, waft of tobacco, malt loaf with butter, a hint of ginger, a fizz on the nose I just can’t place – cherry tunes?
  • leathery. A bit of dunnage warehouse. Strawberries. Some stronger oak, with quite a spicy (ginger and pine) hit. Apples are more stewed and sugar encrusted.
  • after a while it changes from sweet to spicy. I do get some Ginger. Moving to the Norla it changes again. I like complex whiskies that changes over time.
  • bit of time lots more berries. Creme caramel. Actually reminds me of my whisky barrel in the garden in the sun, that warehouse-y whisky wood/angels share effect.
  • This is interesting, manuka honey, but with a hint of heather honey in there too, dark chocolate shavings, dusty dunnage warehouse and a hint of pencil shavings, tropical fruit salad in light syrup as well


  • dried fruits salad with lots of soursweet fruitiness (like it!), spicy with oak spice and white pepper, a bit of cinnamon and cloves. Again drier than felt on the nose. good but the nose is far better IMHO
  • So smooth, peaches and cream, chocolate, more Turkish delight, honeycomb, spicy ginger and white pepper, vanilla, cinnamon and a touch of cloves
  • first some peppery note but soon the tropical fruits arrive. Some chocolate. Spices. Some leather.
  • Dunnage warehouse and spices, cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of ginger heat, takes over everything, dusty, pencil shavings, not as much of the fruit as I would have liked, some tangy greengages and a hint of orange peel also.
  • lovely and juicy, thick and warming. The palate translates the nose well, lots of berries, and some fruitcake. Complimentary and lively spices giving it a lovely balance. Falls a little quickly for me towards the end, but bravo flavour.
  • Finish: lingering soursweet dried tropical fruit with lots of spices, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg as well.
  • Pecan pie with burnt pastry. Is that a touch of sulphur I smell or some kind of ginger/raw cocoa concentrate? Then a turn into tropical fruit trifle with rum cream on top!
  • Sweet new leather, sandalwood, brambles, sherry soaked fruit salad then an earthy nuttiness with clove and cinnamon swirls. Quite a different, but perhaps an even-more-enjoyable, beast than the 12yo.
  • We get dark chocolate, very similar to raw cocoa bringing together the velvety palate
  • there’s cherry loaf, sultanas, sweet black tea and some lingering charred oak. Those sherry butts sure have given a lot of spicy/earthy/oaky notes.
  • (with a mistakenly large drop of water) – actually gets really really cherry juice intense, very juicy and totally smashable. Spices drop back and is just like drinking a cherry tropical fruit drink. Yumm


Our 17 Years Old single malt is exclusive to our Travel Collection. This Scotch whisky displays complexity, maturity and a warming richness on the palate.

— NOSE —

  • The aroma is filled with mature notes of bitter chocolate, and a hint of antique polished wood joins juicy sultanas
  • A different animal. Sourer maybe shorter sherry finish? Polished wood, again some soursweet fruitiness and eventually red berries.
  • much more floral, and perfumed, with fresh laundry, melted marshmallows, pineapple, toasted coconut and gentle, fresh oak.
  • Strawberry cream sweets, coffee gelato, Cadbury Fruit & Nut and dried apple crisps.
  • crunchie bar, orange zest, leather, hot vanilla custard alcohol zing on the nose but I guess it is 46% ABV
  • soursweet fruitiness, apples, less spicy (horse) kick but still deliver lots of spices with oak spice, white pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, sherry vinegar and eventually a lots of bitter chocolate after the fruitiness recedes. Real good!
  • Light and fruity, galia melon and grapes, orchard fruits, apples and pears for sure, light stewed apples and a hint of pear tartartin, without the pastry, and very light caramelised sugar
  • quite floral, coconut milk, vanilla rich. Thick caramel, some digestive biscuit, chocolate (I’m spelling out caramel shortbread here, but there it is). Some oak intensity too, pencil shavings and sodden staves.
  • needs its time to open up for me. Now it is getting much more pleasant. Poured it in the glas 1,5h ago with a cover on it. Now with some air it’s getting much nicer.


  • we’re greeted with root spices and thick honey that is complemented by toffee apples that are reminiscent of Bonfire Night.
  • The finish is vibrant with orange zest, candied fruit and a faint hint of wood smoke
  • Finish: medium length, sweetshop, sweet apples, sherry vinegar, chocolate, gentle cinnamon and nutmeg. Really liked the delivery on this one!
  • peppery up front, then Turkish Delight, stewed apples and pears, more floral things, some sultana cake and a wee rummy element (the drink not the card game).
  • syrup pancake, orange, tropical flavours of coconut and banana, soft spices vanilla cinnamon, nutmeg, needs time as it keeps on giving
  • Honey, brandy snaps, mince pies with frangipane tops. Cacao nibs and apple sauce
  • Dusty dunnage warehouse, spicy cinnamon and nutmeg, ginger and chinese five spice, citrus fruit peel and tarte fruits, greengages, grapefruit peel, citrus pith.
  • still some furniture polish, some pepper, apples, and some spices with dark fruits. Some citrus.
  • quite tropical juicey and fruity. A fair hit of drier spices, pepper and crystallised ginger. The tropical juice comes back and compliments nicely. Some more astringent oak comes through later in the development giving a slightly bitter edge.
  • provides an earthy sweetness, with a hint of sweetened espresso and dark chocolate.


Our 18 Years Old is rich and autumnal, while staying perfectly balanced and closely tied to the bright and fruity character of the Distillery.

— NOSE —

  • very inviting, with Danish pastries, baking spices, tiramisu, polished furniture, glazed walnutes, spiced mango chutney, blackcurrant, Morello cherries, tea leaf and toasted raisins. YUM.
  • Oiled cedar American oak ex-bourbon casks, followed by first fill Spanish oak butts, adding depth and charisma.
  • The nose is filled with rich toffee and baked pears shine bright against an elegant backdrop of new leather. – soft and balanced, baked pears, fruity and chocolaty. Then medium aged soft leather and then lots of toffee! And then cinnamon and nutmeg. complex and nice. maybe a bit too relaxed?
  • The nose here is great, big fruity notes, beeswax furniture polish, caramelised figs, toffifee with that nutty caramel and chocolate, hints of chopped dates.
  • Big! Toffee, orange skin, pears, pepper nice cereal note , cigar leaf, oak but not overpowering, It just keeps opening up
  • is a complex one that needs some air as well. So far a little of tropical fruits and chocolate. Toffee. Caramel. Still a little bit „closed“ and needs to open up in the air.
  • its waking! – lots of spicy toffee. Old dusty bookshelf, complete with books. Old, dried stone fruits, lots of cherry and plum. Some almonds, almost marzipan. That’s an old stonking nose alright. Very nice.
  • is a complex one that needs some air as well. So far a little of tropical fruits and chocolate. Toffee. Caramel. Still a little bit „closed“ and needs to open up in the air.


  • balanced with tropical fruit, honey, soursweetness, chocolate, leather, gentle spice oak and all spice. Good stuff
  • Sweet sugary water, light gentle figs again, toffifee elements with caramel and chocolate, edges of spices wood oak and heat from root ginger and white pepper,
  • is very juicy, with apricot, peach, blood orange & spiced pears. Then baclava, hot cross buns, toasted currants, charred oak, leather and some chocolate coated bananas. YUM.
  • toffee, nutty, peaches, black cherries, chocolate, red fruits soaked in their juices, cinnamon, cloves and ginger
  • toffee, nutty, peaches, black cherries, chocolate, red fruits soaked in their juices, cinnamon, cloves and ginger
  • Powerfull and peppery. Now it is awake. Toffee, red fruits, cherries, ginger, leather, sweets. Much more vibrant on the palate. Blood oranges.
  • As we savour this single malt, we find it a masterful balance of juicy apricots, seasoned oak and vanilla custard.
  • To finish this whisky is long and warming with chords of fresh spices and raisins
  • lovely and old and juicy. There’s a lot of cherry rich fruitcake, clove, rum and raisin. Crystallised ginger and sugared almonds. Quite sweet throughout the arrival/development. Would make a great Xmas day dram.
  • finishes with lingering wood spices, hazelnut praline and unlit cigar. A very elegant dram indeed.
  • great legs on the 18, heavy and slow reflecting the waxy mouthfeel – what a lovely old style 18 year old I wish I had another hour so much more to reveal


  • Give me a Balblair with the nose of the 15yo and the palate of the 17yo and I’m buying a case
  • It’s hard to say which one to pick. I’m with @MaltBox and @yoavgel . Nose: 15yo / Palate 18yo. If I had to choose I would go for the 15yo as a good mixture of a very interesting and complex nose and an easy drinking whisky with some complexity
  • I loved the 15 and the 18 both well balanced for me. Lovely whiskies to taste over a long evening in front of the fire with something else to quench my thirst.
  • The 12 is probably most drinkable for me, but I think that’s because it’s the least oaked so least hear and pepper. For me nose of 18 and palate of 12 would be great
  • Tough choice. I think that the 12 is solid and vibrant, fresh and easy drinking while the 18 is complex and rich but also a bit too laid back – good but not exciting.
  • Right with you on those two, with the 15yo marginally winning out.
  • And the 15yo is probably the one I’ll recommend for those who loved the old slightly sherried Balblair vintages as @MrSingleMalt said #BalblairWhisky
  • order of my personal choice would be 18, 15, 17, 12. Its been another educational tweet tasting night. Thank you!

Die Wertung in fett ist meine. Mir hat der 15-jährige am Besten gefallen.

Danke an Balblair für die vier Proben und ein Norla-Glas!