Neues von Gordon & MacPhail

Aus dem Hause Gordon & MacPhail gibt es wieder einige interessante neue Abfüllungen für den deutschen Markt. Dabei sind Highland Park, Macallan, Teaninich, Caol Ila, Bruichladdich und Imperial, wie die Hanseatische Weinhandelsgesellschaft mitteilt.

Die Neuerscheinungen im Überblick:

  • Highland Park, 1988/2013, MC, 43%, (American Hogsheads), ca. 230.- EUR
  • Macallan, 1997/2015, Speymalt, 43%, (1st Fill & Refill Sherry Casks), ca. 105.- EUR
  • Teaninich, 2006/2014, CC, 46%, (1st Fill Sherry Hogsheads), ca. 50.- EUR
  • Caol Ila, 2001/2015, PC, 45%, 3.600 Flaschen,  (Hermitage Wood Finish), 93.- EUR
  • Bruichladdich, 1991/2015, CS, 53.3%, (Refill American Hogsheads), ca. 220.- EUR
  • Imperial, 1996/2015, DL, 43%, (1st Fill & Refill Sherry Casks), ca. 90.- EUR

Die verschiedenen Serien von G&M heißen Cask Strength (CS), Connoisseurs Choice (CC), Private Collection (PC), MacPhail’s Collection (MC), Distillery Labels (DL), Rare Old, Rare and Exclusive, Exclusive und Generations.


Original Tasting Notes

Highland Park, 1988

  • AROMA WITHOUT WATER: Sweet vanilla with pear and toffee aromas initially. Complimented by a subtle smoky undertone and hints of aniseed.
  • TASTE WITHOUT WATER: Peppery initially with sweet strawberry and raspberry flavours. Becomes creamy in texture with a milk chocolate edge.
  • AROMA WITH WATER: Hints of lavender and freshly cut grassy initially. Becomes sweet with heather honey and a lingering menthol edge.
  • TASTE WITH WATER: Cracked black pepper with stewed pear and ripe banana flavours. These are complimented by subtle dark chocolate influences.

Macallan, 1997

  • AROMA WITHOUT WATER: Sherry influences with green apple, raisin and mango aromas. A beeswax polish note is present and combines with charred oak.
  • TASTE WITHOUT WATER: Initially white pepper with ripe banana, nutmeg and date flavours complemented by dark chocolate and bonfire embers.
  • AROMA WITH WATER: Initially sweet with red apple peel, fig and treacle aromas complemented by charred oak and a subtle aniseed notes.
  • TASTE WITH WATER: Peppery on the palate initially with raspberry, cocoa powder and rhubarb flavours developing. An orange zest edge is present.

Teaninich, 2006

  • AROMA WITHOUT WATER: Subtle Sherry influences with hints of red apple and toffee. Complimented by toasted malt and charred oak aromas.
  • TASTE WITHOUT WATER: The palate is peppery and sweet initially with butterscotch, lemon, lime flavours. These combine with lingering milk chocolate edge.
  • AROMA WITH WATER: Hints of toasted malt, beeswax polish and cinnamon. Pear and green apple aromas linger.
  • TASTE WITH WATER: Sweet honeycomb and toffee flavours. Underlying fruit notes pear and orange develop and compliment a subtle charred oak edge.

Caol Ila, 2001

  • AROMA WITHOUT WATER: Vanilla aromas with traces of peat smoke. Red cherry, red apple and hints of cocoa powder develop and are complemented by orange zest.
  • TASTE WITHOUT WATER: Sweet with white pepper initially. Redcurrant, grape and dark chocolate flavours combine with a lingering bonfire ember edge.
  • AROMA WITH WATER: Delicate smoke mingles with mango, pineapple and ripe banana aromas.
  • TASTE WITH WATER: Sweet and smoky in perfect balance with ripe banana, raspberry and subtle rhubarb flavours.

Bruichladdich, 1991

  • AROMA WITHOUT WATER: Floral with hints of violet , set honey, orange and pear aromas complemented by subtle menthol notes.
  • TASTE WITHOUT WATER: Peppery to begin with fresh green apple, lychee and orange zest flavours complemented by a cocoa edge.
  • AROMA WITH WATER: Floral violet with ripe banana, orange and milk chocolate notes which combine with charred oak.
  • TASTE WITH WATER: Peppery with ripe banana, green apple, melon and honey flavours. A smooth charred oak edge to finish.

Imperial, 1996

  • AROMA WITHOUT WATER: Delicate Sherry character with toasted malt and vanilla aromas. Tropical mango and pineapple notes mingle with hints of tangy citrus.
  • TASTE WITHOUT WATER: Cracked black pepper initially, followed by clove, cinnamon and orange flavours. Subtle Sherry influences are complemented by hints of charred oak. A liquorice undertone develops.
  • AROMA WITH WATER: Vanilla initially with passion fruit, mango and apricot aromas. Orange zest mingles with brown sugar and clove notes.
  • TASTE WITH WATER: Creamy and smooth with tropical fruit flavours, complemented by toasted oak.