NdW - Neuerscheinungen der Woche

NdW 40|17: J.J. Corry, Benromach, Glenfiddich, Kilchoman, SMWS

Es wird Herbst. Von der irischen  J.J. Corry kommt The Gael. Benromach bringt einen weiteren aus den 70igern: 1977. Glenfiddich bringt den dritten aus der Experimental Series – mit Eiswein-Finish. Kilchoman Linited Edition mit Rotwein-Lagerung und das Oktober-Outturn der SMWS.

  • J.J. Corry, The Gael, Irischer Whiskey, ncf, nca, 46%, 7.000 Fl., 58.- EUR
  • Benromach, 1977, Cask# 1268, 56%, 225 Flaschen, 1.500.- EUR
  • Glenfiddich, Winter Storm, 21yo, Experimental Series III, Icewine Finish, 43%, 179.- EUR
  • Kilchoman, 2017 Lim. Ed., Red Wine Cask Matured, 50%, 7.000 Fl., GBP 76,80
  • SMWS, Oktober Outturn

ncf = no chill-filtration (keine Kältefiltration), nca = no color added (ohne Zusatz von Zuckerkulör)

Weitere Informationen und Tasting Notes

J.J. Corry The Gael

Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Der erste Whiskey, der von Irland’s einzigem Whiskey Bonder, The Chapel Gate irish Whiskey, veröffentlicht wird, wird ab September in Deutschland verfügbar sein. J.J. Corry, The Gael ist ein blended Irish Whiskey und besteht aus: 5 % 26 Jahre gereiften Single Malt ex Sherry Hogshead, 27,5 % 11 Jahre gereiften Single Malt, 27,5 % 15 Jahre gereiften Single Malt und die letzten 40 % aus 7 Jahre gereiften Single Grain Whiskey.

Offizielle Tasting Notes

The Gael ist ein klassischer Irish whiskey mit viel hellen Fruchtnoten, wie Pfirsich, Aprikose und Nektarine, daneben gesellen sich frische Zitrusnoten, florale Noten und rosa Pfefferkörner.


Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Quietly maturing for 39 years in a single Refill American Hogshead, This exquisite dram, from cask number 1268, is presented in an evocative decanter-style bottle, inspired by the curving shapes and silky textures of the distillery’s gleaming copper stills.“

Offizielle Tasting Notes

  • Colour: A beautiful dark gold hue from 39 years spent lingering in a single Refill American Hogshead.
  • Nose: Enjoy the vibrant notes of sweet honey, apricot conserve, orange zest and butterscotch, mingling with developing hints of toasted oak and a delicate menthol edge.
  • Taste: Savour the sweetness leading to a touch of pepper on the tongue followed by notes of ripe banana and luscious passion fruit. Citrus undertones and dried tobacco mingle with toasted oak leading to a fresh menthol finish.
  • Nose with water: Subtle coconut and exotic fruits combine with ginger and lime aromas.
  • Taste with water: A smooth sweetness emerges with warm bursts of white pepper and overtones of pear, kiwi and lime, followed by dried tobacco and a trace of toasted oak on the finish.


Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Eines dieser besonderen Experimente ist der brandneue Glenfiddich Winter Storm – eine streng limitierte in kanadischen Eiswein-Fässern gereifte Whisky Edition. Der Premium-Whisky ist von einer einzigartigen Süße und Komplexität geprägt…. Der Glenfiddich Winter Storm ist der neueste Zuwachs zur bahnbrechenden Glenfiddich Experimen- tal Series, die bereits 2016 mit dem Glenfiddich IPA Experiment und dem Glenfiddich Project XX die Regeln der Whiskyherstellung völlig neu definierte.

Offizielle Tasting Notes

  • Duft: Ein Bouquet aus tropischen Früchten und kandiertem Zucker in perfekter Balance mit tiefen Weinnoten.
  • Geschmack: Sanfte süße Noten, welche an kandierte Früchte und türkischen Honig erinnern, entwickeln sich zu köstlichen Litschi-Aromen. Die süßen Aromen werden durch den kräftigen, trockenen Geschmack des Eisweins ergänzt.
  • Nachklang: Kurzweilig und frisch.


Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Our latest limited edition, Red Wine Cask Matured will be available worldwide from Monday October the 9th. Just under 7,000 bottles of the limited edition have been released. Distilled in 2012, the Red Wine Cask Matured has spent its full maturation term in the single cask type rather than being a finish. The casks, from the Douro Valley in Portugal, were personally selected by Kilchoman Founder Anthony Wills. The Red Wine Cask Matured follows Port, Madeira and Sauternes matured expressions released annually since 2014.

Weitere Informationen: Heavily Peated (50ppm) und Small Batch Release


  • 10.120 ‘Winding-Down’, 9yo, 192 Flaschen, 60,5%, 60,50 GBP – Bunnahabhain
    Initially fresh oysters served with lemon and tabasco sauce before the smoke took centre stage; surf and turf Eggs Benedict, heavily toasted English muffin, filet mignon, smoked salmon, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce as well as savoury mince pancakes and a steaming hot steak pie. The taste was sweet, salty, smoky and warm like smoky vanilla bourbon pretzels or peanut butter chocolate dates with sea salt and in the finish, crisp apple tarts sprinkled with rosemary-lime sugar. Water added maple-cured salmon, smoked langoustines and American cream soda whilst on the palate, creamy smoked mackerel and horseradish pate on dark rye bread. Refill barrel, Jahrgang: 2008 | Region: Islay
  • 29.229 Harmonious balance, 19yo, 234 Flaschen, 55,2%, 124,00 GBP – Laphroaig
    Imaging waking up, looking out the tent door pitched on the beach and seeing a glorious sunrise over the sea. We then made breakfast on a driftwood campfire by toasting bread and having it with salted butter and thick set honey. To taste, cigar smoke sweetness at the start, ashy with a hint of tar in the mid palate and a slightly herbal/peppermint finish – all in perfect balance and harmony.  When we reluctantly added a drop of water the sun continued getting higher in the sky and the scent of fresh salty sea air made us feel ready for whatever the day had in store for us. Refill hogshead, Jahrgang: 1998 | Region: Islay
  • 64.95 Jasmine candles and Moscow Mules, 10yo, 234 Flaschen, 58,6%, 52,00 GBP – Mannochmore The nose, initially fresh and delicate suggesting lemon, honey and melon, soon opened up its fragrance of camomile lawns, hand cream and jasmine-scented candles; with time dusty tobacco notes appeared. The palate was an intriguing mix of sweetness, spicy heat and citric astringency – we got lemon bonbons, cinnamon rolls and hot-cross buns – and a fizzy lime and ginger combination reminiscent of Moscow Mules. Not much change on the reduced nose – some fresh-sawn wood and Chinese sweet and sour. The palate, however, became sweeter and more easy-drinking, with lemon puffs and the stimulating, uplifting effect of lemon and ginger tea. 1st fill barrel, Jahrgang: 2006 | Region: Speyside
  • 35.192 Full of vim and vigour, 10yo, 276 Flaschen, 61,5%, 51,40 GBP – Glen Moray
    A burning orange in colour with aromas of equal vibrancy as peppermint and sherbet collided above a layer of treacle tart and cinder toffee. Dark and caramelised tones came through to present juicy raisons and fruit scones with blackcurrant jam. Becoming spicier with water, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves coated pineapple fritters with a drizzle of golden syrup. The palate delivered a smack in the face of ginger and bitter lemon but also soothed with mango and passion fruit sorbet. Chocolate sauce and ice cream on blueberry muffins dried on the finish to the tart citric tingle of spiced marmalade on fruitcake with cognac and soft oak. 1st fill barrique, Jahrgang: 2007 | Region: Speyside
  • 71.48 Follow the yellow brick road, 10yo, 204 Flaschen, 60,7%, 51,10 GBP – Glenburgie
    We declared this rather mellow for its age – and yellow on the nose – honeydew melon, yellow apple, mango, marigolds, nasturtiums and mead. To taste, it was salivatory and tropical – maybe a little woody mouth pucker, but mainly sweet and fruity – kiwi, custard apple, ripe gooseberry and tarte au citron – altogether an opulent experience. It wasn’t hard to follow the yellow brick road on the reduced nose – yellow roses, apricots, chocolate-coated foamy bananas, Madeira sponge cake and camomile tea. The palate was now an easy-pleasey delight, delivering sweet cakes and pastries, some of which incorporated dark chocolate, coconut and pineapple. Refill barrel, Jahrgang: 2007 | Region: Speyside
  • 4.234 See tasting note approval file, 15yo, 572 Flaschen, 59,7%, 74,00 GBP – Highland Park A wonderful nose of light smoke and sea breezes drifting over heather moors, toffee popcorn, light curry sauce or mango chutney on chapattis and bourbon-seasoned cigars. The palate has more of a sweet, smoky punch than expected – reminiscent of baby-back ribs sizzling on a driftwood beach bonfire, smoked almonds, nutty chocolate and a maltings kiln or smokehouse. The reduced nose has golden syrup and puff candy sweetness and a feeling like the warm glow of peat embers on a beach at sunset. The palate now pleases with heathery, perfumed smoke, wood ash and toasted marshmallows – definitely a sundowner dram. Refill butt, Jahrgang: 2001 | Region: Highland
  • 66.106 Manly contentment, 8yo, 196 Flaschen, 61,2%, 56,50 GBP – Ardmore
    We entered a friendly village pub (leaving wind and rain outside) – to a welcoming fire, fresh wood-smoke, scampi fries, pickled onion crisps and woollen socks drying on the fireplace fender. The very sweet and rather hot palate delivered a mouth-watering platter of smoked ham, Bavarian smoked cheese and smoked mussels, eventually followed by cigars and Rauch-bier. On the reduced nose, the scene shifted to a Hebridean beach – driftwood, smoke, seaweed, barbecued scallops, picnic hampers and first-aid boxes. The reduced palate lost none of its power – herb crust on roast pork, peat smoke, ash, charcoal and a very dry finish – manly contentment! Refill barrel, Jahrgang: 2008 | Region: Highland