NdW - Neuerscheinungen der Woche

NdW 36|18: Wolfburn, Spirit&Cask, Paul John, Benromach, Rock Oyster, Big Peat, BenRiach, GlenDronach, Kilchoman, Compass Box

Neuerscheinungen der Woche 36: Wolfburn hat den ersten 5-jährigen angekündigt – Langskip. Bei Spirit & Cask gibt es fünf neue Einzelfassabfüllungen. Paul John kündigt für den Mars Orbiter ganze 12 Flaschen für Deutschland an. Benromach verkauft zum Jubiläum das Fass #1 für den guten Zweck. Douglas Laing bringt vom Rock Oyster die 2.te Cask Strength Ausgabe und die Weihnachtsausgabe vom Big Peat. Bei BenRiach kommt eine 20-jährige Marsala Abfüllung und bei GlenDronach kommt der 15-jährige Revival zurück. Dann bleiben noch Kilchoman mit der 8.ten Ausgabe des 100% Islay und Compass Box mit Spaniard.

  • Wolfburn, Langskip, Batch Strength, 5yo, 58%, ncf, nca
  • Spirit & Cask, Single Cask Bottling (SC)
    • Ardmore 2008 Sherry Finish 51.0%
    • Cameronbridge 1995 Brandy Finish 56.0%
    • Inchfad 2009 Peated (Loch Lomond) 54.5%
    • Secret Orkney 2010 Peated 51.9%
    • Port Dundas 2009 Sherry Finish 48.0%, Lowland Single Grain, Cask No. 6449 / Bottles 31
  • Paul John, Mars Orbiter, Peated Indian Single Malt, CS, 57.8%, ncf, nca, 12 Flaschen für Deutschland
  • Benromach, Cask No 1, 575 Flaschen, CS, 60.1%, 1.000.- GBP
  • Douglas Laing, Rock Oyster, CS Edition #2, Blended Malt, 56.1%, ncf, nca, 8.400 Flaschen, UVP 49,99 EUR
  • BenRiach, Marsala, 20yo, Hogshead Cask No.10299, CS, 53.4%, 290 Flaschen
  • Douglas Laing, Big Peat, Christmas 2018, Blended Malt, CS, 53.9%, ncf, nca, UVP 59,99 EUR
  • GlenDronach, 15yo, Revival, 46%, ncf, nca, UVP 62.- GBP
  • Kilchoman, 100% Islay, 8th Edition, 12.000 Flaschen, 50%
  • Compass Box, Spaniard, Blended Malt, 43%, ncf, nca

ncf = no chill-filtration (keine Kältefiltration), nca = no color added (ohne Zusatz von Zuckerkulör), CS = Cask Strength (Fassstärke), SC = Single Cask (Einzelfass)

Weitere Informationen und Tasting Notes


Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Mit der Abfüllung „Langskip“ stellt Wolfburn Distillery die vierte Qualität in der Core Range vor. Sie präsentiert den Wolfburn Single Malt Whisky erstmals in sogenannter Batch Strength von 58% und ergänzt die bisherigen Releases Northland, Aurora und Morven. Für diese Wolfburn Qualität wurden 2013er Fässer aus den ersten sechs Monaten der Produktion verwendet, somit ist „Langskip“ die erste 5-jährige Abfüllung der jungen Northern Highland Brennerei. Benannt nach den typischen Langschiffen der Wikinger, die einst die Küste von Caithness dominierten und viele tiefe kulturelle Spuren hinterließen, steht Langskip für Eleganz, Geschmeidigkeit und zugleich Kraft und Stärke. Wolfburn Langskip wird ab Mitte September im deutschen Fachhandel verfügbar sein.

Offizielle Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Aromas of fruit blossom meld with dried apples and light oak.
  • Taste: Flavours burst onto the palate, rich and sweet, including maple syrup, dark chocolate, almonds and fruit cake.
  • Finish: The finish lingers nicely – hints of vanilla gently fade away with a warming trace of caramel at the end.

Paul John

Offizielle Tasting Notes

  • Nase: Aromen von honigsüßen Orangenblüten mit einem Schuss Muskovado-Zucker, gefärbt von geräuchertem Speck und köstlichem Torf.
  • Gaumen: Weich und malzig mit Aromen von dunklem Kakao, gesalzenen Mandeln und süßer Eiche.
  • Abgang: Lang und köstlich würzig, Noten gerösteten Zuckers verbinden sich mit einer herrlichen Tannin-Rauchigkeit.


Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Marking a defining moment in the distillery’s history and a key date in this year’s 20th anniversary celebrations, all profits from the sale of Benromach Cask No 1 will be donated to charitable causes. The whisky, which was bottled on the 21st August 2018 exactly 20 years after it was filled, is a cask strength (60.1% abv) 1998 vintage. All 575 bottles of this incredibly rare expression will be sold exclusively through Benromach Distillery’s Visitor Centre with a RRP of £1,000. Pre-orders can be placed from today (3rd September) with decanters available from 15th October 2018. Benromach Cask No 1 was matured in a First Fill Sherry Butt and has a sumptuous vintage character of rich fruits, smooth chocolate and warm spices, with hints of zingy citrus, coffee bean and charred oak.

Offizielle Tasting Notes

Pour your dram of Benromach Cask No. 1 and prepare your senses to encounter an experience as rare as this gorgeous whisky. First, lift your glass to the light and appreciate the beautiful deep golden hue created by lingering for many years in a single First Fill Sherry Butt as the whisky grew and matured in character. Take a short inhalation, appreciating the wonderful aromas without water…enjoy the rich notes of stewed raisin and plum, mingling with sweet vanilla, milk chocolate, cinnamon and clove. Traces of sweet fudge and zingy orange peel develop with lingering roasted hazelnut. Now take a sip to experience deliciously sweet and creamy notes with a hint of cracked black pepper developing on the tongue. Tangy orange marmalade, smooth chocolate and roasted coffee bean complement hints of rich fruits and warm spices, leading to charred oak on the finish. Add a few drops of water and take time to enjoy the nose as it develops… top notes of sweet vanilla and butterscotch aromas mingle with raisin and hints of lemongrass. Now lift it to your lips and enjoy a slow sip… a creamy sweetness combining with milk chocolate, baked apple and cinnamon immediately emerges followed by traces of citrus peel. Succulent blackberries and stewed damson plum lead to a hint of roasted hazelnut and charred oak on the finish.

Rock Oyster

Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Die neue Rock Oyster Cask Strength Edition #2 überzeugt geschmacklich mit flambierten Orangenschalen, reicher Erdigkeit, einer guten Portion Torf und der Rock Oyster typischen maritimen Salzigkeit.“


Achtung! Den gibt es nur im Shop vor Ort! „All bottles will be hand signed by Master Blender Rachel Barrie, with each bottle only available to purchase at BenRiach Distillery shop from Thursday 6th September.

Stewart Buchanan: Cask No. 10299 which I saw laid down 20 years ago celebrates the multifaceted, fruit-laden style for which BenRiach is renowned and unlocks a cocktail of fruit sweetness.“

Offizielle Tasting Notes

  • Colour: Bright sienna orange
  • Nose: Nectarine, cherry and orange candy with the warmth of cocoa powder.
  • Taste: Spiced fruit and candied grape
  • Finish: Orange, raisin and hazelnut chocolate with traces of black pepper.

Big Peat

Cara Laing, Director of Whisky bei Douglas Laing, beschreibt den Big Peat so: “You can expect a big, ashy, beachy, oceanic and smoky message in the bottle, all the way from the island of Islay. During the festive season, that chimney soot connection seems particularly appropriate, being the entry point of our gift-laden Saint Nick himself. Big Peat’s Christmas limited edition has become truly synonymous with the season, setting us up nicely as we prepare to celebrate his 10thbirthday in 2019.


Aus der Pressemitteilung vom 5. September: „Exclusively available at The GlenDronach Distillery for four weeks, it will be released globally thereafter. The original 15 year old sherry cask matured expression was introduced by The GlenDronach in the 1990s, bottled at 40% ABV. It ceased to be bottled until 2009, when The GlenDronach Revival Aged 15 Years was released at 46% ABV. Having built up a strong reputation as one of the very finest sherry cask matured malts, it was discontinued in 2015 due to supply constraints. Following a three year wait, The GlenDronach Revival Aged 15 Years now returns.“ D.h. dann wohl, dass er erst ab Anfang Oktober in Deutschland verfügbar sein wird.

  • Colour​: Antique Bronze.
  • Nose​: An intoxicating burst of maraschino cherry, ripe bramble and dark chocolate mint with hints of orange bitters and walnut liqueur.
  • Taste​: Honey-glazed apricot and ripe fig with a crescendo of black cherry, angelica and muscovado.
  • Finish​: Long and enveloping with dark manuka honey, herbal bitters and dark chocolate.


Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Though the name might suggest a heavier peating level than our standard 50ppm offerings; Machir Bay, Sanaig and others, the 100% Islay range is in fact peated to a lower level of roughly 20ppm. Although this is not an exact measurement as the small batches and old-style techniques make it almost impossible to peat each batch to exactly the same level. The key difference between this and previous batches of the 100% Islay is the addition of sherry cask maturation. The seven oloroso sherry casks included in the vatting give the whisky added depth and richness compared to the fresh fruits and vanilla of previous editions. This, the 8th Edition, is a vatting of 23 bourbon barrels and 7 oloroso sherry butts filled between 2008 and 2012, bottled at 50% ABV. The combination of cask types allowing for an elegant balance of rich spices, citrus sweetness and earthy peat smoke.


Von der Webseite: „In this, our first release, 48% of the whiskies have been aged in ex-Sherry casks and 25% in ex-Spanish red wine casks. You will find a whisky that is full, soft and sumptuous on the palate with flavours of citrus peel and pears poached in red wine and spices. It’s a whisky ideal for late evening sipping or stirring into a cocktail.

Wie immer kann man bei Compass Box die genaue Rezeptur (Zusammensetzung der Fässer mit Angabe der Destillerie) auf der Webseite nachlesen (hier).