NdW 23|18: Glenfarclas, Glen Scotia, Jura, Big Peat, BenRiach

Von ein paar interessanten Neuerscheinungen gilt es auch diese Woche zu berichten. Von Glenfarclas gibt es eine Neuauflage des „The Spirit of Independence” (1995er). Glen Scotia bringt das erste Mal die Malts Festival Abfüllung in den normalen Handel. Von Douglas Laing gibt es einen Jura in der Provenance Serie und den Big Peat in Lederhosen. Und BenRiach stellt das neue Batch 15 mit 17 Single Casks vor!

  • Glenfarclas, 1995, „The Spirit of Independence”, 6.000 Flaschen, ncf, nca, 46%, ca. 85.- EUR
  • Glen Scotia, Campbeltown Malts Festival 2018, Limited Edition, 2008, Peated, CS, 57.8%, ca.50.- EUR
  • Douglas Laing, Jura, 12yo, Provenance Coastal Collection, 383 Flaschen, 48%, ncf, nca
  • Douglas Laing, Big Peat, The Munich Edition, Islay, Blended Malt, 48%, ncf, nca, UVP 55.99 EUR
  • BenRiach, Cask Bottling, Batch 15, 17 Abfüllungen, alle ncf, nca, CS, SC

ncf = no chill-filtration (keine Kältefiltration), nca = no color added (ohne Zusatz von Zuckerkulör), CS = Cask Strength (Fassstärke), SC = Single Cask (Einzelfass)

Weitere Informationen und Tasting Notes

Glen Scotia

Zur Lagerung: in 1st Fill Bourbon Barrels mit anschließendem Finish in Ruby Port Casks für 6 Monate.

Original Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Smouldering peat smoke, sweet vanilla, blossom honey, raspberry coulis
  • Palate: Freshly squeezed lime juice, cracked black pepper, tart red fruit – redcurrant and cranberry
  • Finish: Long finish with soft medicinal peat and dry saltiness


Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Fred Laing, Chairman of Douglas Laing & Co, comments: ‚For this very limited Provenance Collection, we have specially selected only 4 Single Casks which we believe truly bring to life their maritime heritage. This latest Jura release is a beautiful balance of dark fruits and rich spices from its Sherry butt maturation, alongside that archetypal Jura vanilla, honey and barley character.‘

Big Peat

Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Douglas Laings Geschäftsführer und stolzer „Vater“ von Big Peat, Fred Laing, sagte dazu: ‚Deutschland ist für Big Peat ohne Zweifel etwas ganz Besonderes! Als wir im Jahre 2009, gänzlich unbekannt, in diese Whisky-Community gestartet sind, wurden wir nirgendwo mit so offenen Armen empfangen wie in Deutschland. Diese Herzlichkeit wollen wir natürlich erwidern, indem wir etwas von der gemeinsamen „Gemutlichkeit“, die Big Peat dort erlebt hat, zurückgeben. Mit großer Freude schickt der Familienbetrieb Douglas Laing, der in diesem Jahr sein 70-jähriges Bestehen feiert, Big Peat mit einer speziellen Münchner Edition auf seinen bevorzugten europäischen Markt zurück. Die Verpackung zeigt den weltweit tätigen Islay-Botschafter in seiner sehr attraktiven Lederhose und einem Bierkrug in der Hand vor Münchener Wahrzeichen wie der Frauenkirche oder dem Marienplatz. Big Peat ist in seinem Kilt, einem Kimono oder einer Lederhose gleichermaßen zu Hause und genießt Haggis, Sushi oder Bratwurst, solange er sich in guter Gesellschaft mit gutem Herzen befindet, was für ihn, wie man unschwer erkennen kann, in München bereits der Fall zu sein scheint…‘


Aus der Pressemitteilung: „Batch 15 includes 17 casks: 11 unpeated and 6 Highland peated – an eclectic mix including port pipes, moscatel hogsheads, sauternes barriques, rumbarrels and virgin oak. Each bottle is filled exclusively from one of these individual casks.“ Und Rachel Barrie, Distillery Master Blender, meint dazu: „Batch 15 provides a rare opportunity to explore the many facets of BenRiach maturation in one batch, something us whisky makers are lucky to do every day. From the sweet side of Marsala wood to the exotic fruity side of Rum and the barbecued smokiness of charred American Virgin oak, there is a cask to suitevery whisky lover’s palate. Now’s the time to explore, take your pick and find thecask you most enjoy!

Hinweis: In Europa werden vermutlich nur die folgenden Fässer erhältlich sein – Casks 6898, 7859, 7610, 3071, 3236, 5807, 7722, 8731 and 2048 – der Rest geht nach Asien, Australien, Neuseeland und Kanada.

Offizielle Tasting Notes – unpeated

  • 1991 CASK #6898 Aged 26 years Burgundy Barrique, 49.4%
    • Appearance: Ruby-tawny gold.
    • Nose: A wine cellar with red grape must and fragrant armagnac-liketop notes on a base of walnut skins and earthy dunnage floors.
    • Palate: Mellow figs and ripe apricots develop into red grape candytempered by traces of treacle and butterscotch.
  • 1992 CASK #979 Aged 25 years Port Hogshead, 53.9%
    • Appearance: Tawny brown with gold highlights.
    • Nose: Honeysuckle and rosehip tea with traces of camomile, orange blossom and cocoa leaf.
    • Palate: Nectarine, lemon peel and yellow plum drying out to lingering rooibos, burdock and caraway.
  • 1995 CASK #7383 Aged 22 years Peated / Oloroso Sherry Butt, 51.1%
    • Appearance: Deep walnut brown.
    • Nose: Elegant waxed apple and stewed pear with underlying roast chestnut oil on baked sourdough with a dusting of sugar.
    • Palate: Roast chestnut and smoked applewood meld with butternut and sage, leaving baked apple pie lingering long on the palate.
  • 1997 CASK #4437 Aged 20 years Marsala Hogshead, 54.8%
    • Appearance: Deep Autumn russet and gold.
    • Nose: Sweet Valencia orange and peach segments on a cream and biscuit base, smothered in syrupy fruit glaze.
    • Palate: Peach melba and sweet clementine fruit salad with lingeringfresh double cream and toasted almond into the finish.
  • 1997 CASK #7859 Aged 20 years Virgin Oak Hogshead, 53.1%
    • Appearance: Bright orange.
    • Nose: Candied orange, cherry lips and wine gums with traces of sugared blackberry and sweet caramelised oak.
    • Palate: Baked pear and sweet fruity oak progress to bramble appleand cherry pie with stone fruit into the finish.
  • 2005 CASK #5014 Aged 12 years Oloroso Sherry Butt, 58.1%
    • Appearance: Demerara brown.
    • Nose: Golden syrup and apple cider with dried apricot and yellow plum skin on buttered brioche with raisin pieces.
    • Palate: Sherry and raisin with caramelised orange and red applesegments, leaving a treacle and sultana-kissed finish.
  • 2006 CASK #1855 Aged 11 years Sauternes Barrique, 56.5%
    • Appearance: Bright summer gold.
    • Nose: Lemon curd and manuka honey on toasted granary loaf and toffee apple.
    • Palate: Apple and hazelnut cereal bar bound together by honey and lemon syrup.
  • 2006 CASK #2406 Aged 11 years Port Pipe, 58.7%
    • Appearance: Antique gold.
    • Nose: Treacle toffee and butterscotch on cherry and blackcurrant fruit jelly, lifted by a fresh breath of eucalyptus.
    • Palate: Blackcurrant cream dessert in dark chocolate treacle,becoming liquorice and forest fruit into the toasted raisin finish.
  • 2007 CASK #8731 Aged 10 years Moscatel Hogshead, 59.2%
    • Appearance: Sparkling gold.
    • Nose: Mellow and soft with butterscotch and honey, with the ripe fruitiness of candied grape.
    • Palate: Sweet and fruity with mouthwatering honey and lemontoddies progressing into a lingering Calvados finish.
  • 2007 CASK #8737 Aged 10 years Moscatel Hogshead, 58.9%
    • Appearance: Golden peach.
    • Nose: Almond and brandy cake served with luscious poached peaches, icing sugar and cappuccino cream.
    • Palate: Peach and apple brandy develop mid-palate into sweet candyfloss grape, leaving cocoa into the smooth, memorable finish.
  • 2007 CASK #3236 Aged 10 years Oloroso Sherry Butt, 58.5%
    • Appearance: Deep amber – copper.
    • Nose: Apple and almond frangipane with a twist of orange peel served with crème-brûlée.
    • Palate: Armagnac appears mid-palate bringing macerated white fruits and plums with ground nutmeg and traces of soft new leather.
  • 2008 CASK #5807 Aged 10 years Sauternes Barrique, 59.7%
    • Appearance: Dark golden syrup.
    • Nose: A patisserie of honey-glazed apple and baked peach in crème- caramel.
    • Palate: Sweet honeyed peach with coconut cream developing intocandy floss and apricot fruit tarts.

Offizielle Tasting Notes – peated

  • 2005 CASK #2682 Aged 12 years Peated / Port Pipe, 53.9%
    • Appearance: Walnut ruby.
    • Nose: Bramble and baked apple pie topped with burnt orange and redcurrant on gentian-infused pastry.
    • Palate: Baked orange and redcurrant carried by walnut oil leaving liquoric, dark chocolate and tobacco leaf.
  • 2007 CASK #7722 Aged 10 years Peated / Virgin Oak Hogshead, 57.1%
    • Appearance: Deep orange sunset.
    • Nose: Barbequed banana and roasted apple coated in dark chocolate and treacle toffee with warm spiced oak.
    • Palate: Smoked applewood and toasted eucalyptus becoming peppercorn and dried banana, leaving a spicy liquorice and fennelfinish.
  • 2007 CASK #3071 Aged 10 years Peated / Oloroso Sherry Butt, 58.3%
    • Appearance: Bright gold.
    • Nose: Smoky bacon rind and apple in chestnut stuffing with blackpeppercorn and traces of butterscotch.
    • Palate: Baked apple and sourdough cake progress into pepperedbutterscotch lingering into the savoury finish.
  • 2007 CASK #7610 Aged 11 yearsPeated / Rum Barrel, 59.5%
    • Appearance: Chablis.
    • Nose: Jamaican rum truffles with cocoa beans, coconut milk andchocolate cake, intermingled with cream and star anise.
    • Palate: Pina colada with cocoa beans, rum and raisin ice cream andiced cappuccino leaving rum-laced espresso into the finish.
  • 2008 CASK #2048 Aged 9 years Peated / Port Pipe, 61.7%
    • Appearance: Deep ruby.
    • Nose: Smoked mint and blackcurrant on a forest campfire of cassiabark and orris root, with hog roast served with bramley apple sauce.
    • Palate: Grilled red grape smothered in olive oil with smoked angelicaand star anise, progressing to a charred apple and maple finish.