Provenance Serie mit neuem Auftreten

Und schon wieder Neuigkeiten von Douglas Laing. Die Abfüllungen der Provenance Serie kommen mit neuer Verpackung und Flasche daher.

Das neue Branding wird mit 14 Provenance Flaschen jeweils mit 46% starten. Dabei sind unter anderem:

  • Auchentoshan 13 Years Old
  • Benrinnes 11 Years Old
  • Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old
  • Talisker 7 Years Old

In der Provenance Serie werden Single Malts mit sieben bis 14 Jahren abgefüllt. Allesamt ohne Zusatz von Zuckerkulör und ohne Kühlfiltrierung (chill filtration).

(Pressemitteilung, Douglas Laing)

Douglas Laing Announces the Rebrand of Provenance Single Casks Range

Douglas Laing, Icons of Whisky’s Brand Innovator of the Year 2016, today unveils the new packaging for its Provenance Single Cask Scotch Whisky range.

The Provenance brand first launched in 2004, with a distinct “journey around Scotland” theme, in homage to Scotland’s Whisky regions and their corresponding varied flavour profiles. That positioning remains true in the new Provenance branding, depicted by a striking compass illustration, regional colour bands and iconic symbols representing the Lowlands, the Highlands, Speyside and Islay. The region in which the Whiskies are distilled has a significant impact on the character of the spirit, and so, the Scotch Whisky creator believes the name “Provenance”, French for “the source”, is particularly fitting.

Provenance Serie von Douglas Laing

Provenance now joins Douglas Laing’s “Exceptional Single Casks” collection, a recently launched umbrella term that encompasses the firm’s collection of three distinct, yet complementary, brands that offer Single Malt and Single Grain Whiskies from a vast range of Scotland’s Distilleries – Provenance, Old Particular and Xtra Old Particular. Provenance marks the beginning of the Exceptional Single Casks journey, delivering what Douglas Laing calls “an accessible yet outstanding introduction to the world of Single Cask Scotch Whisky”. Each of the firm’s Exceptional Single Casks bottlings is at 46% ABV or higher, or natural cask strength, and all are traditionally without colouring or chill-filtration. This, they profess, is how to experience Scotch Whisky as the Distiller Intended.

Commenting on the rebrand, Fred Laing, Managing Director, says: “As the “younger brother” to Old Particular and XOP, our Provenance Single Cask Scotch Whiskies are typically aged from 7 Years Old to around 14 Years Old. We bottle these exceptional Whiskies at their peak of perfection, and our new eye-catching, premium Provenance pack now does those incredible spirits the justice they deserve.