PR: Glengoyne 50yo für Whisky Club Hildesheim

Christian Schüßler war der glückliche Gewinner und durfte mit dem Whisky Club in Hildesheim den von Gordon Dundas überreichten Dekanter mit einem Glengoyne 50yo verkosten. Der Glengoyne 50yo ist der bisher älteste aus der Destillerie.

Im Überblick – Glengoyne 50yo

  • Als der Glengoyne 50yo in 2020 vorgestellt wurde, hat Glengoyne versprochen, eine Flasche für eine besondere Veranstaltung eines Gewinners zu öffnen
  • Christian Schüßler hat die Flasche zum ersten Treffen seit dem Start der Pandemie überreicht bekommen
  • Eine der 150 Flaschen, ein Dekanter für 22.500.- GBP, wurde von Gordon Dundas (Glengoyne Brand Ambassador) übergeben

Glückwunsch an Christian und den Whisky Club in Hildesheim! Das war sicher ein tolles Ereignis!

Hier findest Du ein kleines Promo Video von Glengoyne auf Youtube.

Offizielle Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Demerara sugar, walnuts, sweet pipe tobacco, red apples and cloves  
  • Palate: Rich, spicy oak burst, then molasses, treacle and liquorice take centre stage 
  • Finish: The finish is long, going through savoury characteristics into a tingle of black pepper 

(Pressemitteilung, Glengoyne)


Glengoyne has celebrated the reunion of a German whisky club by gifting a rare bottle of its 50 Year Old – its oldest ever whisky. 

When the product launched in 2020, Glengoyne vowed to open one of the 150 bottles at someone’s special moment once restrictions lifted.  

After what has been a vastly challenging couple of years, the distillery wanted to make an extra-special moment for a lucky group of people. 

Through an online ballot, groups of friends and family submitted a description of their perfect moment for savouring the 50 Year Old – whether toasting a delayed celebration, or creating an unforgettable reunion.  

The winner, Christian Schüßler, vowed to share the once-in-a-lifetime dram with his local whisky club in Hildesheim, at their first reunion since the start of the pandemic. 

Proving that great whisky should be enjoyed whatever its age, Glengoyne global brand ambassador, Gordon Dundas, hand-delivered the £22,500 bottle to the German group and gave a personalised tasting session. 

The Glengoyne 50 Year Old comes in a special crystal decanter, which features an engraved goose emblem representing the geese who migrate to the Glen each winter. Hidden within the beautiful solid oak and gold display box is an individually hand numbered book, signed by Distillery Manager, Robbie Hughes. 

The limited-edition single malt is the pinnacle of the distillery’s unhurried and uncompromising approach to whisky making, as Scotland’s slowest distilled malt. After five decades patiently maturing, this exceptional whisky has a richness and depth of aromas and flavours rarely encountered.