Neues von Springbank: 12, 17 und 21 Jahre!

Springbank legt nach. Jetzt sind auch ein 12- und 17-jähriger in Fassstärke sowie ein 21-jähriger Springbank, alle in limitierter und optisch neuer Auflage, erhältlich.

Neben dem neuen 25 jährigen und dem Green sind auch diese drei limitiert auf den Markt gekommen:

  • Springbank, 12yo, C.S., 53.2%, Batch #10, ca. 60.- EUR
  • Springbank, 17yo, C.S., Sherry Cask, 52.3%, 9.000 Flaschen, ca. 120.- EUR
  • Springbank, 21yo, 46 %, Bourbon und Sherry, 3.600 Flaschen, ca. 300.- EUR
Neue Abfüllung von Springbank: 17 jähriger in Fassstärke
Springbank, 17yo, (c) Springbank
12 jähriger Springbank in Fassstärke
Springbank, 12 yo, (c) Springbank

Und hier noch die offiziellen Tasting Notes zum 12-, 17- und 21-jährigen.

Tasting Notes – Springbank 12 yo

  • Nose: A range of aromas: Marmalade – Orange zest, zingy, honeycomb and highland toffee, hints of liquorice and mint chocolates. Let it breathe to reveal a true Springbank style.
  • Palate: Very robust & mouth coating, subtle hints of white pepper. Grassy and zesty as the nose suggests. Perfect balance of sherry and then vanilla and oak flavours.
  • Finish: Salted pretzels & peat. Cocoa – Dark chocolate & coffee beans.

Tasting Notes – Springbank 17 yo

  • Nose: A sherry explosion with winter fruits, spicy gingerbread and a hint of peat.
  • Palate: A winter warmer. dark orange chocolate, Christmas cake and brandy snaps. Honey and spices develop over time.
  • Finish: The finish is long and smooth. Espresso coffee, liquorice, marzipan and sherry conclude the tickling of the taste buds.
Springbank, 21yo, 46%
Springbank, 21 yo, (c) Springbank

Tasting Notes – Springbank 21 yo

  • Colour: Pure Gold
  • Nose: A creamy delight. The soft richness of this classic dram provides the backdrop for toffee and cereal notes, interspersed with bursts of freshly picked strawberries and ripe watermelon.
  • Palate: Robust and steadfast. A dry creamy oiliness points to the Fino Sherry casks used in maturation while background maritime influences demonstrate this is a true Campbeltown Malt. Sugared almonds are heavily present as well as a dash of cinnamon.
  • Finish: Creamy with an evolving length which coats the mouth and finally gives up it’s peaty origins.