PR: Mossburn Distillers stellt neue Serie Caisteal Chamuis vor

Der Besitzer der Torabhaig Distillery Mossburn Distillers stellt eine neue Serie Blended Malts mit dem Namen Caisteal Chamuis vor. Die ersten zwei Abfüllungen sind ein 12-jähriger und ein NAS Blended Malt. Wenn man jetzt auf die Inseln (und das Alter) schaut, kann man sich in etwa zusammenreimen aus welchen Destillerien die einzelnen Single Malts kommen könnten. Klingt interessant.

Im Überblick – Caisteal Chamuis

Beide sind Blended Malts (keine Single Malts), d.h. eine Mischung von verschiedenen Single Malts aus unterschiedlichen Destillerien (kein Blended Whisky!). Wenn Du mehr Hintergrundwissen möchtest, lies Dir den Artikel gerne mal durch: Whisky-Wissen für Einsteiger. Beide sind „heavily peated“, d.h. etwas für Torffreunde.

  • Caisteal Chamuis, Bourbon Barrelled, ncf, nca, 46%, UVP 44.99 EUR
    Die Single Malts kommen von Skye (Torabhaig?), Orkney & Islay
  • Caisteal Chamuis, 12yo, Sherry Barrelled, ncf, nca, 46%, UVP 54.99 EUR
    Die Single Malts kommen von Islay und Orkney

Der Name ist gälisch für das Castle Camus, das sich in der Nähe der Torabhaig Destillery befindet und einige Steine für den Bau der Destillerie (oder besser der Vorgängerbauten) abtreten durfte. Die beiden Abfüllungen sollen aber noch 2021 nach Deutschland kommen (ca. 15.11.2021).

Wenn Du Dich bei Torabhaig umschauen möchtest, findest Du hier meine Bilder vom Besuch vor Ort: Torabhaig – die zweite Destillerie auf Skye. Und hier geht es zur Torabhaig Webseite bzw. zur Mossburn Distillers Webseite.

(Pressemitteilung, Mossburn Distillers / john doe hub)


Approachable Blended Malt Scotch Whiskies from the Islands of Scotland offering drinkers a gateway into the world of heavily Peated Malts 

  • Two new expressions that marry heavily peated whiskies with a double barrel finish to provide rich smoky, smooth, and full bodied whiskies. Uncoloured and non chill-filtered.
  • Caisteal Chamuis Bourbon Barrelled Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (46% ABV) and Caisteal Chamuis 12 Year Old Sherry Barrelled Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (46% ABV)  
  • The approachable brand is a tribute to Hebridean life and lore, of a time of bold spirits, lively company, and misty peat fires. A warm welcome to the world of big, peated malts.
  • Available online and at independent retailers, both expressions will be available from this month.  

Mossburn is today [Friday 5th November] announcing the release of Caisteal Chamuis 12 Year Old Blended Malt Scotch Whisky and Caisteal Chamuis Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (NAS), which pay tribute to Hebridean life and lore, and are designed to welcome drinkers to a world of peat fires, lively company, and the misty sea breezes oft seen rolling on over the Western Isles.  

neue Serie Caisteal Chamuis - der NAS und der 12-jährige
Caisteal Chamuis – der NAS und der 12-jährige (v.l.n.r.)

Bold and smoky, the new 46% ABV Caisteal Chamuis Bourbon Barrelled Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (NAS) takes drinkers on a misty voyage to discover the perfect balance of heavy Island peat smoke notes with a crisp oak spice and vanilla finish. Distilled on Skye, Orkney & Islay without colouring or chill-filtration, and finished in first-fill bourbon casks, the resulting liquor helps unlock the door to the world of peated whiskies. The mysterious oak layers, added by the fresh bourbon casks, produces a character that reveals itself slowly; smooth peat, without ever being medicinal, to start; then honeyed peppery notes, complex sweet spices and a creamy vanilla finish.  

Caisteal Chamuis 12 Year Old Sherry Barrelled Blended Malt Scotch Whisky is a characterful drink, blended from a careful selection of fine Single Malts all distilled on Islay and Orkney. Initially aged for a minimum of 12 years and then double barrelled in custom made Fresh Oloroso Sherry Butts, the result is rich and smooth, with a complex fragrant, heathery, lavender-like peat. Bottled at 46% ABV, a fascinating floral complexity gives way to sweet muscovado notes before finally evolving into a finish with concentrated sherry, crystallised fruit, and a touch of flint-smoke.  

The new expressions are named after the mysterious medieval ruin, Caisteal Chamuis (Gaelic pronunciation phonetically resembles Kash-teel Haam-oosh or for non-Gaelic speakers – Castle Camus), which lies on the headland of the eastern flank of Knock Bay, on the Isle of Skye.  

The once strategic stronghold helped Clan Macleod secure their hold over part of the Sleat peninsula on Skye, and is clearly visible from Mossburn Distiller’s new distillery, Torabhaig.  

Last occupied over 380 years ago, the first elements of the castle were raised in the 13th century on the site of an Iron Age fort known as Dun Thorabhaig. The ruins are a testament to the rich and storied heritage of the Isle of Skye and give thousands of tourists a year a glimpse of a world that once might have been.  

Rick Bennett-Baggs at Mossburn Distillers, said: “In Caisteal Chamuis we have created a mystifying whisky from the Hebrides, celebrating the life and lore of a past that might have been at the castle. While the story may be mysterious, enjoying a good quality, peated malt whisky shouldn’t be, as we seek to transport drinkers and welcome them to the misty isles of the Hebrides.”  

Caisteal Chamuis 12 Year Old Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (RRP £49) and Caisteal Chamuis Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (RRP £39) are available to buy in over 15 markets including the UK, France, Germany in 2021 and in the USA in 2022. 

In the UK, it’s available either in store or online at The Whisky Exchange.