Neuer Cadenhead Shop in Berlin

Gute Neuigkeiten für alle Freunde von Cadenhead: es wird wieder einen neuen Shop in Berlin geben. Eröffnet wird der Shop von Stefan Bulian und auch gar nicht weit weg vom alten Standort. Und auch in Österreich soll es bald wieder einen neuen geben.

Die neue Adresse lautet:

Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop Berlin
Boxhagener Strasse 33
10245 Berlin

Stefan hat die letzten 8 Jahre im bisherigen Cadenhead Shop mitgearbeitet.

Wir wünschen Stefan viel Erfolg und freuen uns, dass es wieder eine Cadenhead Vertretung in Berlin gibt!

Die folgende Information ging heute an alle Springbank Society Members:

A new Cadenhead shop is opening soon in Berlin. The information concerning this exciting development is below: W.M. Cadenhead’s is pleased announce that there is a new Cadenhead’s shop opening in Berlin, Germany. The shop is being opened by Stefan Bulian. Stefan’s whisky career began about 15 years ago in a pub with a large selection of whisky, including many Cadenhead’s products. Prior to undertaking this exciting new venture, he had been working with the previous Cadenhead shop, Cadenhead’s Whisky Market, for almost 8 years. The new shop is going to be situated a short walk away from where the old Cadenhead shop was. We are sure you will all be looking forward to welcoming Stefan to our whisky family and visiting the new shop. We do not currently have a confirmed opening date but as soon as we do we shall provide you with that information along with the relevant contact details. And lastly, it is hoped that there will be a new shop in Austria in the future and W.M. Cadenhead’s is currently looking into some options. We will confirm any details with you when we have them.