Glenlivet Nadurra – PEATED

Glenlivet hat gestern eine neue Abfüllung in der Nàdurra Serie angekündigt: einen PEATED Nadurra. Diesen wird es in zwei Alkoholstärken geben und ab Oktober soll er erhältlich sein. Der Torf wurde aber über ein Finish hinzugefügt. Mal etwas anderes, oder?

Bei der korrekten Anzahl der Nadurra Abfüllungen bin ich raus. Ich kenne die „originale“ 16-jährige Abfüllungen (gehört zu meinen Lieblings-Abfüllungen), die aber eingestellt wird. Dann gibt es eine Bourbon (ohne Altersangabe), eine Oloroso (ohne Altersangabe) und seit September auch eine First Fill Bourbon (ohne Altersangabe). Warum die neue Qualität nun genau Nummer drei sein soll, kann ich nicht nachvollziehen (gezählt werden nur die beiden letzt genannten). Jede dieser Abfüllungen werden darüber hinaus auch noch in Batches aufgelegt und so kommt immer wieder eine leicht veränderte Variante auf den Markt. Mit dieser neuen Qualität geht Glenlivet (wie auch viele andere Destillerien) einen Schritt zurück in die Vergangenheit, denn früher waren fast alle Single Malts „peated“. Dass dabei „peated casks“ verwendet werden ist mir allerdings neu. Im Gegensatz zu „normalen“ peated malts, die über torfgeräuchertes Malz zu dem „peated“ kommen, werden bei Glenlivet jetzt besonders stark getorfte Fässer für ein Finish verwendet.

Glenlivet Nàdurra Peated Whisky Cask Finish, 61.5% / 48% im Travel Retail, 89.- USD (ca. 80.- EUR) – bottled 07/2015, Batch: PW0715

Ab Oktober soll dieser in diversen Märkten erhältlich. Ob dieser auch in Deutschland zu bekommen sein wird, konnte ich noch nicht herausfinden.

Original Tasting Notes – 61.5%

  • Colour: Amber gold
  • Nose: A burst of soft red apples, citrus zest and aromatic smoke
  • Palate: Rich tangy marmalade, creamy vanilla toffee and a distinct toasted smokiness
  • Finish: Complex, lengthy and spicy, with layers of subtle smoke

Original Tasting Notes – 48%

  • Colour: Amber gold
  • Nose: A perfect balance of fresh, ripe orchard fruit, sweet vanilla cream and delicate wood smoke
  • Palate: Notes of rich honey and subtle vanilla, with a sweet, tangy smokiness
  • Finish: Long and developed, with vibrant notes of fresh fruit and spicy smoke

(Pressemitteilung, ChivasBrothers)


Date: 1/10/2015

tgl_nadurra_peated_bottle_carton_frontThe Glenlivet has launched a third expression for its celebrated Nàdurra range, as it continues to honour the historic traditions of making single malt whisky through new and innovative cask finishes. The Glenlivet Nàdurra Peated Whisky Cask Finish is the first release to have a subtle, smoky taste profile, having been finished in American oak casks that have previously held heavily-peated Scotch whisky.

Bottled at 61.5% ABV cask strength, The Glenlivet Nàdurra Peated Whisky Cask Finish is inspired by the authentic production processes used at The Glenlivet Distillery by its founder, George Smith, who originally used peat smoke to dry the malted barley. Finished in peated casks, the classic, smooth and fruity house style that has made the range so famous has been enriched with gentle, aromatic smoky notes, to offer a brand new The Glenlivet experience to whisky enthusiasts. The expression will also be available in Global Travel Retail at 48% ABV.

Available in nine domestic markets, including USA and France, and Global Travel Retail from October 2015 at US$89 (or local equivalent), the release follows the launch of The Glenlivet Nàdurra Oloroso and The Glenlivet Nàdurra First Fill Selection in 2014. The Glenlivet craftsmen individually nosed each cask to ensure the perfect balance between fruit and smoke in the whisky, which has been bottled in small batches with no chill-filtration to offer the complexity, full body and distinctively creamy texture of a whisky that has just been drawn from the cask.

Alan Winchester, Master Distiller at The Glenlivet, comments: “I’m delighted to present the purest expression of The Glenlivet, which pays homage to the distillery’s legendary past. Nàdurra captures the original passion behind George Smith’s distillery, which inspires us to create new flavour journeys for consumers so his spirit remains alive today. The Glenlivet Nàdurra Peated Whisky Cask Finish demonstrates this beautifully, with its warming mouthfeel, swirls of vanilla cream and subtle traces of tangy smoke, and I hope that whisky enthusiasts now and in the future enjoy this rare taste that echoes of the past.

Nikki Burgess, Global Brand Director for The Glenlivet, added: “Interest among whisky fans for new, original and well-made single malt Scotch has continued to grow in recent years, and we at The Glenlivet are proud to have set the benchmark for quality and innovation. The Glenlivet Nàdurra range has enjoyed a cult following due to its rich craftsmanship story and commitment to traditional 19thCentury production methods, and with releases such as The Glenlivet Nàdurra Peated Whisky Cask Finish we hope to inspire more and more increasingly discerning drinkers to learn about the craftsmanship, provenance and heritage of ‘the single malt that’s started it all’.

The Glenlivet Nàdurra Peated Whisky Cask Finish is presented in refreshed packaging, first introduced in April 2014, which emphasises the artisanal nature of the range. The design includes a prominent batch number, cask-like stamps and a more visible translation of the Gaelic word, Nàdurra – meaning natural – to illustrate the essence of the brand.