Old Pulteney stellt neue Range vor

Heute stellt die Pulteney Distillery die neue Old Pulteney Core Range vor. Nicht nur neues Design und Verpackung wird geboten, sondern auch drei neue Abfüllungen. Hier erfahrt Ihr alle Details.

  • 12yo, (nur neues Design), 40%, 32.- GBP
  • Huddart, 46%, 45.- GBP
  • 15yo, 46%, 70.- GBP
  • 18yo, 46%, 115.- GBP

Der 12-jährige wurde „nur“ neu verpackt, aber die anderen drei sind neu. Der Huddart wurde in einem „Peat Cask“ nachgelagert, die anderen beiden in Oloroso Casks. Vor allem die Trinkstärke mit 46% gefällt mir. Ab heute werden die vier in UK verkauft und kommen demnächst auch nach Deutschland.

Und wer sich bei der Pulteney Distillery umsehen möchte: Next Stop: Wick, Pulteney Distillery.

(Pressemitteilung/InterBev, Old Pulteney)

Old Pulteney unveils new collection to signal brand evolution

New expressions set sail for the maritime malt

14 August 2018 – Distilled and matured by the sea, Old Pulteney single malt Scotch whisky is the true maritime malt and we’re excited to embark on a new voyage with the launch of our new core collection featuring our flagship 12 Years Old, Huddart, 15 and 18 Years Old.   This move marks a reinvigoration of the core range for the award-winning Caithness-based distillery, complemented by distinctive new design and packaging.

This new collection signals an evolution for the brand, with a renewed vigour around the maritime malt yet staying true to Old Pulteney’s rich heritage and traditions. This introduction supports a wider drive to ensure strong consumer relevance and appeal, with the new whiskies consistent with the renowned house style and provenance; yet bringing some new flavours to the fore.

Defined and shaped by its stunning coastal location, Old Pulteney has a highly distinctive character infused by the unique combination of brisk sea air and meticulous cask selection. Each of the new whiskies tell their own story and bring their own part of the Old Pulteney legacy to life.

Celebrating the birthplace of Old Pulteney, Huddart (ABV 46%) is rich gold in colour. A distinctively smoky take on its signature single malt scotch whiskies, Huddart is richly warming and combines influence from the salt-infused sea air with peat smoke, delivering a mellow and smoky whisky with real character, depth and identity. RRP £45.

A naturally rich, amber-coloured whisky, the 15 Years Old expression(ABV 46%) is Old Pulteney’s most balanced and smoothest single malt whisky yet. Bursting with aromas of rich dried fruit, ripe apples and citrus, with honey sweetness and a generous chord of creamy vanilla, 15 Years Old effortlessly brings together two different sides of the flavour spectrum. RRP £70.

Completing the new portfolio, 18 Years Old (ABV 46%) takes its character and colour entirely from the American oak casks and Spanish sherry butts in which it has been nurtured, delivering a deep amber colour. This indulgent and deeply warming expression features notes of chocolate and spice, but allow for the influence of more vibrant, zesty flavours. RRP £115.

The new collection is complemented with the addition of the repackaged flagship Old Pulteney 12 Years Old.

The golden-coloured 12 Years Old expression (ABV 40%) is the perfect place to start your Old Pulteney journey, with a flavour which is welcoming and effortless. 12 Years Old embodies the maritime malt characteristic that has become synonymous with Old Pulteney whiskies. It has been matured for 12 years in ex-bourbon casks, marrying together the salty flavours of the sea with the influence of American oak, to bring sweetness into play, and create a classic expression. RRP £32.

The collection of four whiskies also has a striking new design, which freshens up the overall look yet created around the existing, highly distinctive Old Pulteney bottle shape.

The collection will be available from 14thAugust in the UK with our preferred partners The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop, Royal Mile Whiskies, and Sutherland Brothers, thereafter, there will be a phased global roll out.

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Original Tasting Notes

Old Pulteney 12 Years Old

Wholly matured in air dried, hand selected ex-bourbon casks, mostly second fill American oak.

On the palate, 12 Years Old offers a distinctive salty top note, reminiscent of the Caithness coast, whilst soft citrus pairs with dark caramel and creamy vanilla for sweetness. This is complemented by a firm bodied and smooth flavour where sweet notes of honey and cream develop into ripe, fruity overtones and fresh spice, with a long-lasting subtly salty finish.

Old Pulteney Huddart

This expression takes its name from the street on which Pulteney distillery is located, which in turn is named after Captain Joseph Huddart, a hydrographer who had provided maps and charts for the British Fisheries Society – the builders of Pulteneytown and its harbour.  He was also for a period a Director of the British Fisheries Society. Matured in second fill American oak, ex bourbon casks then finished in ex-bourbon casks that had previously held heavily peated whisky.

After initial notes of mellow wood smoke, honey and oily leather, Huddart later blooms into crisp green apple, with creamy vanilla and a hint of burnt toffee in the background. Flavours of freshly-ground spices and soft vanilla balance the central notes of smoke and peat fire, supported by richly sweet and distinctly salty coastal flavours in the background, together reminiscent of salted caramel.

Old Pulteney 15 Years Old

Matured in second fill American oak, ex-bourbon casks, followed by a period of further maturation in first fill Spanish oak, ex Oloroso butts.

Uniting spice and sweetness together, its flavour evokes Christmas cake and fragrant spices, with layers of chocolate and a distinct dark toffee sweetness, whilst the finish delivers a hint of salty sea air.

Old Pulteney 18 Years Old

Matured in second fill American oak, ex bourbon casks, followed by a period of further maturation in first fill Spanish, ex-Oloroso sherry butts.

The rich chocolate and creamy vanilla flavour makes 18 Years Old a true indulgence, further enriched by the sweetness of honey tempered by vibrant spices. This is layered with honeyed spices and Christmas cake, whilst floral notes lend a dash of finesse, complemented by zesty hints of citrus and green apple to a lively, long finish.