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NdW 29|16: Glenfarclas 3x Six Generations

Die letzten Neuerscheinungen habe ich in Kalenderwoche 26 gemeldet. Der Sommer macht sich bemerkbar, aber jetzt hat Glenfarclas nachgelegt und das gleich drei Mal. Hier findet Ihr die Details und die offiziellen Tasting Notes zu den drei letzten aus der Serie.

Aus der Serie Six Generations wurden die folgenden drei Editionen für August angekündigt:

  • Glenfarclas, Vintage 1981, Port Cask, 47.9%, Edition #4/6, 521Flaschen, ca. 750.- EUR
  • Glenfarclas, Vintage 1986, Ref. Sherry, 53.8%, Edition #5/6, 1.094 Flaschen, ca. 625.- EUR
  • Glenfarclas, Vintage 1976, 40yo, 43.7%, Edition #6/6, 1.500 Flaschen, ca. 1.570.- EUR

ncf = no chill-filtration (keine Kältefiltration), nca = no color added (ohne Zusatz von Zuckerkulör)

Die ersten drei Editionen habe ich hier angekündigt:

Offizielle Tasting Notes habe ich leider keine, aber ein paar Zusatzinfos.

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung von Glenfarclas/HaWe Bremen)

Vintage 1981 – IV

J. & G. Grant are proud to release the Glenfarclas 1981 Port Cask IV, the fourth limited edition bottling from the Family Collector Series. Full maturation in a Port Cask, as opposed to the more typically used Oloroso Sherry Casks, promises an excitingly different Glenfarclas single malt. With only 521 bottles available worldwide, this rarity is set to stir intrigue among Glenfarclas enthusiasts.

The last distillery bottling matured in Port Casks dates back to 2012, which at the time was a limited edition 31 Years Old, making the current 1981 Port Cask IV the oldest Port Cask matured whisky to be released by J. & G. Grant. At 35 years old and bottled at cask strength (47.9%), this single cask whisky reveals a distinctive character accentuated by a sweet port influence.

The packaging ties in with the previous Family Collector Series designs; a black leather box featuring a silver emblem of the Grant family’s 4th generation, George S. Grant. This was the current Director of Sales, George Grant’s grandfather, who was custodian of Glenfarclas for 52 years. Future generations can now appreciate this unique whisky, laid down in the family warehouses during George S. Grant’s tenure.

George Grant, 6th generation, comments: “We wanted to make an innovative Family Collector Series, which incorporates bottlings from Fino Sherry, Oloroso Sherry, and now, Port Cask matured whisky. I believe this truly showcases the variety and skill that Glenfarclas has to offer to our valued customers around the world.

Vintage 1986 – V

J. & G. Grant are delighted to announce the arrival of the Glenfarclas 1986 Refill Sherry Butts V, which takes its place as the fifth limited edition bottling from the Family Collector Series. This expression represents the 5th generation of the Grant family and current chairman of the distillery, John L. S Grant.

Previous Family Collector editions have spanned the generations and included vintage stocks from Fino Sherry Casks, first fill Oloroso Sherry Casks and Port Casks. The fifth addition now includes a vatting of specially selected refill Sherry Butts, adding a lighter sherry influence to this unique family collection. A small batch production of 1,094 bottles at 53.8% are to be rolled out to international markets next month.

Both John L. S Grant and his father, George S. Grant, would have watched over the filling of these casks in the 1980s. This was a significant time period in the history of the Scotch whisky industry, and also for Glenfarclas. Due to a steady over-production of whisky and falling demand many distilleries were closed, moth-balled or cut back production.

Despite these tough circumstances, in 1984, the Grant’s decided to do the exact opposite and increase production. Their decision was straightforward – “where was all the mature stock going to come from in a few years’ time?” A combination of risk taking and visionary genius, today the Grant family proudly introduce this 1986 vintage, released 30 years after its creation as a treasured collector’s edition.

Vintage 1976

This month J. & G. Grant introduce the final limited edition to the Family Collector Series, the Glenfarclas 1976 40 Years Old VI. George S. Grant, Sales Director and 6th generation of the family, will soon reach his 40th birthday and what better way to celebrate than launch a special whisky for the occasion! Matured in our finest Sherry Casks, this bottling produced a total of 1,500 bottles at 43.7%, which will be available worldwide in the upcoming months.

Born in 1976, George takes great pleasure in sharing the last of the 1976 Glenfarclas casks with you. He is passionate about Glenfarclas and particularly enjoys introducing whisky lovers to these older expressions of Glenfarclas, those distilled by his grandfather and watched over by his father. He comments “The 1970s was a key time period in Glenfarclas history as this is when my grandfather decided to push sales of Glenfarclas single malt, combined with my father’s efforts in appointing distributors around the world”. Today the 5th & 6th generations of the Grant family can enjoy the fruits of their labour as they complete the Family Collector Series with the fantastic Glenfarclas 1976 40 Years Old VI.